Comments Replied!!!

Hey Curlies,  I have finally tried and replied all the pending comments on the blog… except one from Assam(I will approve & reply soon!!)… There were so so soooo many comments pending for so so soooo long!!! 🙁 I am really really sorry, darlings… I had let them pile up so much that every time […]

Curly Hair Collage_India_Curlacious
Curly Hair Hairstyles

Curls @ Dawn….

Day 3 Curly Hair Not-so-refreshed. Yet-defined-ones. Dawn. Hill. Curls.  Sun. Wind.  L.O.V.E.   I am not much of a poser.. well, no.. I am…but I am too shy to post my pics on my blog.. Now that’s a very bad quality to have for a hair blogger!!! 😀 Well, few weeks ago, my bro took […]