3 Additional Ways to Use Your Silicone-free Conditioner

A silicone-free conditioner is a curly and wavy girl’s best friend. 🙂 If you are new in following the curly hair regimen as suggested in this post: How to care for curly or wavy hair in India, then you might find this post useful.

If you are a curly or wavy haired person who is struggling to keep your hair tamed and frizz-free and just don’t know what to do with your hair to make them look presentable, then you should probably start reading here: Know your hair wash routine.

Well, now, assuming that you know how incredibly important a silicone-free conditioner is for our curly/wavy aka gorgeous hair, let me point out the three other ways that the very same silicone-free conditioner that we use in shower can be used effectively.


  • Leave-in Conditioner: If you haven’t figured it out yet and were in a look-out for silicone-free readymade leave-in conditioner, then this point is a life saver for you!! Leave-in conditioners are usually just a watered down form of our usual conditioners. So, instead of getting a different conditioner, we can simply water down our usual silicone-free conditioner and apply to our washed hair as a leave-in.


  • Curl Refreshing Spray: The best way to refresh 2nd or 3rd day curls is to use a water+conditioner(silicone-free) mix in 1:1 ratio. Using a misting spray bottle, spray this mix onto your hair, dampen them and scrunch your hair to make it look fresh and frizz-free. You can also spray this mix on only the curls which have been frizzed.


  • Ingredient in Deep Conditioning Treatments:  While following your DIY deep conditioning treatments at home, you can add a tablespoon or two (depending on your hair’s length and density) to the mix. It will impart extended conditioning, moisture and shine to our ever thirsty curls.


And here is a List of silicone-free conditioners available in India.


Hope this helps!!


Stay Curly and stay happy!! 🙂


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