A Simple Tip to Scrunch Out the Crunch(Gel cast) like a Pro!!

Well, I really hope you already know what SOTC or (Scrunch Out The Crunch) is. If not, then read through this Post: What is SOTC.

So, when you SOTC, most of the times, we use our hands to scrunch out the gel cast. Some curlies also use a tiny amount of oil (just a few drops) to scrunch out. The oil supposedly helps in keeping the hair from frizzing while you scrunch out. This is a good way of scrunching out if your hair takes oils well and if you have do not mind having some extra oil as a finishing touch to your curls.

This tip has been around for long and has a love-hate relationship with curlies….many curlies vouch by this and many just stay away from oils. Either way, if you are new and have not tried this one, then may be you can give it a try and see if it works for you!! I personally do not use as a styling product or leave-in on my hair. (BTW, oils do no really control the frizz. Stay in a really humid place and you would know!! :-D)

Anyway, the oil one was NOT the tip I wanted to share… Read on for the great tip!! 😀 I picked up this tip from US curly long long ago and it really surprised me. So here it is:

Scrunch out the crunch with a satin or silk cloth!

Yes, it is as simple as that!!

  • Once your hair is completely dry (make sure it is 100% dry). Even the scalp should be dry.
  • Take a satin/silk cloth and use that you scrunch out the gel cast.
  • If it is a satin cloth where one side is smoother and silkier, then make sure that the side that comes in contact with your hair is the silkier one.
  • Just like you Scrunch your hair while applying products, use the silk cloth to break the gel cast.

What it does?

  • It gives added volume. Even after you scrunch with hands, if you use a silk/satin cloth to SOTC, you will get more volume.
  • Does not cause frizz when you SOTC. Sometimes, scrunching with hands gives frizz (not always). But SOTCing with silk will make sure that frizz is not caused.

What can I use?

  • Any silk/satin cloth that you have.
  • Silk blouse materials that you can easily find in any of the textile shops.
  • Any old skirt/shirt/top/dress made of silk or satin
  • Your satin scarf or stole that you use to cover your hair
  • Your satin/silk pillowcase
  • Also, your satin bonnet. If you own nothing else in silk and have just the bonnet, turn it upside down and use the silky satin-y side to SOTC.

What not to use?

  • Do not use cotton cloth to scrunch out the cast. It will cause frizz
  • Silk which feels rough to touch. Some silk materials are not pure (they have a mix of different types of materials). If it feels rough to touch, keep it away from your hair even if it claims to be silk!! It will ruffle your hair and create frizz.


See the volume I got from SOTC with a satin cloth: 🙂

Indian Curly wavy hair_Curlacious_SOTC_scruncout_Volume_Arata

Try it and let me know if it helps!! 🙂

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