Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel for Hair – Review

We all know how much good Aloe Vera gel does to our skin. Well, did you know it has awesome effects on our hair too? And if you are a curly or wavy hair person, you should be head over heals with it. You ask why? Read on to know!

  1. Aloe Vera gel contains 98.5% water. Hence it provides the much needed moisture to our thirsty curly or wavy hair, and keeps them hydrated.
  2. Further it contains amino acids and lipids which play a great role in giving strength to hair.
  3. Can be used as a conditioning agent as the water and amino acids in the aloe vera gel provides moisture and conditioning.
  4. Also helps in giving definition to the hair.

Aloe Vera plant can be easily grown at home and fresh gel can be extracted for use. I have not used fresh out of plant gel till now coz I do not have aloe plant at home. So I decided to try on a commercially available Aloe Vera Gel. There are so manyyyy aloe vera gels available in the market but majority of them are especially for the skin. I was particular that I should buy an aloe vera gel which mentions that it is suitable for use on hair.

This particular gel was always on my list as its ingredients, I knew, were all good but I was not sure. So i did not order online. After seeing so many aloe vera gels, I came across this Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel at a local cosmetic shop and after reading the brand’s claim and the ingredients list, immediately added it to my basket.

Product Claims:

Aloe Vera gel is suitable for all types of skin, body & hair. Highly recommended for following uses:

Face: Acne scar, pimples, before make up, dry and chapped skin, razor cuts, after shaving, aging.

Hair: Scalp disorder, improves hair quality, styling, prevents dandruff.


Product Ingredients:

This product is silicone free and is infused with various essential oils. The ingredients can be seen in the below pic.

AromaTreasures Aloe Vera Gel Ingredient_Curly Wavy Hair Product India

Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel Ingredient


Where to buy online:

Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel 500g

Aloe Vera Gel 125g (1Pack)

Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel for Hair,Skin & Body (Pack of 4) (125g X 4)

Now, lets look at the uses and review of this gel.


How I use Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel?

  • I add it to my flax seed gel and apply post hair wash.  I like the flaxseed gel better with the aloe vera gel. It gives more moisture and helps in keeping frizz away longer. Usually flaxseed gels used to weigh my hair down however, after adding aloe vera gel, it makes my hair a bit bouncy, which I totally love!!
  • I also use it to refresh my curls. I dampen my hair with water + conditioner mix and then apply aloe vera gel to my hair in either smoothing motion or rake it in. Following by scrunching up on some gel to give hair the final shape.
  • Sometimes, I add it directly to my refreshing mix in a spray bottle. I spray it on on 2nd or 3rd day hair to refresh them. When I add it to the mix directly, I do not apply aloe vera gel separately as I have mentioned in the previous point.
  • To control any frizz or fly away hair. Whenever I see frizz in my hair. I take tiny bit of aloe vera gel and apply it on those parts (on dry hair) and it immediately controls the frizz and gives a tamed finish. I keep it handy to touch up and tame any frizz that might prop up here and there unexpectedly.

This is my daily use product. It has become a staple in my hair routine. I use it on wet hair as well as dry hair, freshly washed hair as well as unwashed hair. I use it to style my curls also to tame the frizz. I am in loveeeee with this aloe vera gel. A very little goes a really long way. This bottle of aloe vera gel has already lasted me for more than a month and I can see it going on for another month.

Some people use aloe vera gel to provide hold to their curls. However, For my wavy/curly and heat damaged hair, I require stronger hold. The hold that aloe vera gel provides is very mild, and lasts for about 2-3 hours. 



  • Silicone-free aloe vera gel (perfect for people who follow Curly Girl Method)
  • Provides moisture and conditioning to the hair.
  • Helps tame frizz immediately and keeps them at bay for long
  • Hair feels soft after use
  • Super helpful in refreshing curls
  • When added to flaxseed gel, provides moisture to hair and keeps them nourished
  • Provides mild(very mild) hold
  • Works very well on the skin too! which is a total plus.


  • The hold that it provides is mild and might not be enough on its own.


Overall Verdict:

Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel is totally awesome for curly/wavy hair. It tames frizz, controls flyaway hair, helps in refreshing curlsIt does provide hold but it is very mild and you would surely need to use another styling product  to define your curls. It is a total must have to pep up your curly/wavy hair as and when required. I have used it on dry hair as well as wet hair and it works equally well both ways. If you follow this method to nurture your curly/wavy hair, this an aloe vera gel is a must have and I totally recommend Aroma Treasures.





Have you used Aloe Vera gel for your hair? Which brand did you use? Love it or hate it? Please share in comments below! 🙂


27 thoughts on “Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel for Hair – Review

    1. Hi Enozia..

      This aloe vera gel does not claim to control hair loss. So cannot expect that.. But it does provide moisture and conditioning to hair which eventually prevent hair breakage and hence loss.. it also controls frizz and dryness immediately. I use it daily. Using it does make the hair feel softer. But the effect might not last for long after discontinuing using this gel.

    1. Aloe vera gel and argan oil are not really interchangeable. If you talk about serums. Then which argan oil serum are u using, Jayshree?

      Aloe vera gel does tame frizz but I feel the effects wade off faster. You can rather try using a silicone and alcohol free hair gel on wet hair to style and to control frizz

        1. How do you find the effect of Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil? it has silicones which are supposedly volatile and evaporate at room temperature….do you find any build up? you use sulfate shampoo? I am asking you more questions than you asking me…hehe….but I am just curious about your hair care regimen…

          1. It’s completely ok 🙂
            The effect of oil was good. Curls became more manageable after the use of it. I use sulphate free shampoo and silicon free conditioner.
            silicon free gel won’t damage my hair on regular use na? As I heard from one of my friend that get is not at all good for hairs on regular basis.

    1. Umm sure, Vandna… Will grab a bottle of Revlon Flex next time…. will review within this month… 🙂

      I think that review is high in demand….:-D

  1. Hi, Thanks for the information. Can you suggest a reliable source to buy this product (online or otherwise). I’m a little concerned about the quality of the product when ordered online. Thanks

  2. Aloe Vera gel is hands down the best styler for curly hair, as opposed to the other hard-hold gels in the market. What better than the nourishment and mild hold it gives?

      1. With each passing day, my adoration for Aroma Treasures aloe Vera gel increases! Soooo much better than the Patanjali aloe Vera gel for hair. What I’ve observed with the Patanjali one is that when I smooth it onto my hair, it doesn’t really glide on as easily. But this one gets on like a breeze! Also, nice smell it has….probably due to all the essential oils its enriched with. It’s great for my face too. I slather it onto my face and hair immediately after drying off from my showers. Refreshing our curls everyday is cakewalk with this aloe Vera gel. You don’t need anything more. Brownie points for the sturdy tub packaging…zero wastage unlike Patanjali aloe Vera gel!❤️❤️❤️

        1. Oh that a precise review!! <3 🙂 I love this gel as well...for hair and skin as well... and patanjali, i feel the ingredients are incomplete. so haven't tried. Thank you for the information...would surely help other curlies who are contemplating buying this gel!!

    1. Hey Priya, I got this aloe gel really long ago. back then it had a strong fragrance but it was not bad. If you are used to Essential Oils’ smell, then you might like it 🙂

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