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Basics: When to Comb Curly or Wavy Hair?

Helloooo curlies…so lets plunge into this simple and short topic!!


Does combing or brushing fit into curly or wavy hair care?

Well, a brush doesn’t fit anywhere. Comb, yes it does! But only a wide tooth comb and only in the shower.

Combing or brushing dry curly/wavy hair is a big no-no!!


When to use a comb in curly/wavy hair care:

For curly or wavy hair, comb must be used only on wet hair. Combing dry curly or wavy hair makes it lose definition, puff up and become frizz. NEVER EVER comb dry hair. Vigorous brushing even causes hair breakage.


Uses of Wide Tooth Comb in curly/wavy hair care:

  • Helps in detangling hair easily. (on wet or oiled hair…read more on how to detangle here.)
  • Sometimes finger detangling hair is very very difficult and wide comb becomes a saviour in such cases!! Believe me…I have experienced this first hand
  • Helps in spreading hair products evenly throughout. Especially after applying conditioner, it is better to run a wide tooth comb through your hair to make sure it covers all strands. Many curlies use comb to spread their styling product on wet hair ~~~ gives evenness to the curls.

It might sound very simple, but a wide tooth comb makes all the difference in the world!!


So, how do I manage and de-tangle my dry hair?

Curly/wavy hair is detangled only in the shower. This is how you detangle your hair. Dry hair is only refreshed as mentioned in this post and never combed!!


What comb to buy?

I highly recommend to use combs from the brand Roots or Vega, which are easily available in India. Do not get non-branded combs as they might have sharp edges which is not good for hair….might cause hair fall, hair breakage and also damage follicles.

The one I have (in pic) is a travel size wide tooth comb. It is small in size, wide enough tooth spacing,  very handy, easy to use and fits into my wallet.

You can buy it here:

Roots Brown Wide Teeth Comb for Wavy/ Curly Hair and Travel


Few more options of wide tooth comb:

Roots Professional Comb No.102

Roots Wide Teeth Comb for Wavy/ Curly Hair

Roots Wide Teeth Comb for Wavy/ Curly Hair (for very thick hair)


I had misplaced my older wide tooth comb 🙁 its been a month, I suppose….and that is when I appreciated the importance of a wide tooth comb in my curly hair care routine. So, what comb do you use? Do you even use a comb for your curly hair?


2 thoughts on “Basics: When to Comb Curly or Wavy Hair?

  1. Hey..Divya…Wooden comb is better or this one..Also..When I comb my wet hair under shower, either with fingers or wide tooth comb…I see tremendous amount of hair strands falling..Never had such hair fall ever..Hair fall is only when I am wet combing..Otherwise normal…When I used to do dry detangling..Hair fall was very normal..

    1. Hey Harshi….if you are using comb on wet hair, I would say this comb is better…..

      Are u sure the hair fall is due to the wet combing? If so, may be you should try to deranged hair by applying oil…. If u go through the “how to detangle” post, you can find more on that….

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