Basics: How to “Scrunch” hair?

Hello Lovely Curlies  & Wavies!!

Know? Whenever I start reading a Classic English Literature novel, it starts by sounding ‘Alien’. It takes little time to get the flow of the novel and the way it is written. There are certain words that are used which are not in common use now. After reading on, based on the context or frequent usage, the word makes sense. (Well, sometimes, I even call my parents (both of whom are English Majors) for confirmation of what I think is what it really is!! :-p)

Well, similarly, when we read about curly and wavy hair routines, there are many words that sound alien to us!! 🙁 Like, scrunch, plop, porosity, pineapple (the fruit?! Hell nooo!! hehehe)… So I thought why not do few posts to explain what is what in general. 

May be you know these already…or you don’t! For beginners, this will give a general idea without having to bang your head or the internet!! 😉


Let’s start with Scrunching! “Scrunch” is probably the most commonly used word when we talk about curly or wavy hair care and styling.


What is Scrunching?

Scrunching hair is basically the way of crushing hair in your palm just like crushing a paper.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Take the ends of your hair in your palm.
  2. Slowly move your hand towards the scalp, so that the hair is gathered inside the palm.
  3. Crush the hair by closing your palm into a fist and squeeze.
  4. Slowly lower your hand and release the hair.


Here is a small video to show you the “scrunching” motion. I am scrunching hair with a t-shirt here.


What is Scrunching used for?

  • For applying Styling products in hair to style in its natural pattern. (Mentioned here)
  • For drying hair by squeezing out excessive water. It is done either with hands or using a t-shirt (the way I have shown in the video). The t-shirt soaks-in excess water from the hair and decreases drying time
  • For enhancing curls and waves in the hair. The scrunching motion helps in guiding our hair to follow it’s natural hair pattern.
  • Scrunching is also used to break the ‘hard-cast’ that gels form on our hair. It is called SOTC – Scrunching out the crunch. Once the hair is fully dry, sometimes, it feels crunchy. So to make hair soft and fluffy, scrunching is used to remove the cast.
                                                  Scrunching Curly or Wavy Hair


Now you know what it mean to ‘scrunch’ your hair…now whenever any Curly hair post mentions to ‘scrunch’, raise your chin and say… “Yeah! I know that!!” 😉

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