Basics: How to Plop or Plunk?

Hi curlies!! So, here is a quick pictorial tutorial on Plopping or Plunking for you.

What is plopping or plunking?

Plopping/Plunking is rolling or putting up your hair in a t-shirt or cotton cloth.

Reasons to Plop/Plunk:

  • cuts down the drying time
  • enhances curl pattern and gives tighter curls (Wavy haired people will love it!)
  • keeps hair frizz-free while drying
  • prevents us from touching our hair while it dries.

When to Plop?

On freshly washed hair, after applying all leave-in and styling products, follow it with scrunching using a dry t-shirt….then take another dry t-shirt and plop your hair.

How long to Plop?

You can plop from 10 mins to as long as you want. Many people even plop overnight.

How to Plop: (at the risk of looking funny and is a pictorial tutorial!!)

Step 1:

  • Spread a cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel on a flat surface like bed, stool, chair, etc.
  • Place your wet hair on the t-shirt as shown in the pics below.
  • Scrunch your hair between your head and the t-shirt

Plopping Indian Curly Wavy Hair_how to (1)


Step 2:

  • Fold the t-shirt over your head

Curlacious_Plopping Indian Curly Wavy Hair_how to (4)

Step 3:

  • Roll both the ends on each side of your ear
  • Stand upright
  • Fold the sleeves and tie the ends at the nape.
  • If you cannot tie, then use a clutcher or a clip to secure the t-shirt in place. (I use a cloth clips)

Curlacious_Plopping Indian Curly Wavy Hair_how to (4)

Step 4:

  • Finally, look funny like this.

Curlacious_Plopping Indian Curly Wavy Hair_how to (4)


  • What I do is, plop with one t-shirt for about 10-15 mins. Once it gets too wet, I remove it and plop with another dry t-shirt. Drastically reduces drying time!!
  • You can use any cotton t-shirt, or cloth or pillowcase or microfibre towel to plop. As far it is cotton, smooth surfaced and soaks well, it would work fine.
  • The time for plopping is different for different people. So do trial and error.
  • If you have plopped your hair and a stranger rings the doorbell, please do remember to remove the plop and then open the door. 😛 otherwise the look that you get is unforgettable!! hahaha…..


So, do you plop your hair? I seems that wavies like plopping more than curlies (for definition)….are you a curly who is addicted to plopping?? Wavies, does your hair love plopping?? Do lemme know in comments below!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Basics: How to Plop or Plunk?

  1. I plop with an old, soft cotton tee for 30 minutes and then air dry for 1-2 hours. Plopping really does enhance curl definition. I’ve read on the curltalk forums that those who plop overnight get cute tight ringlets/curls.

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