Basics: What is “Scrunch out the Crunch(SOTC)” and “Fluffing”? How to get volume once hair dries!

I hate the hard gel cast

Gives a wet and weighed down look to my hair

Kills my hair volume

I don’t know what to do

That is why I avoid gels

You know the hard crunchy hold that strong hold gels give? *yuck* Many curlies hate that!! Well, know what? I personally like hard hold gels. The gel cast formed by such gels are so good for frizz control and retaining definition!!

So, here is the routine that I follow:

  • After my usual washing and  conditioning routine, I apply my styling products aka gels on soaking wet hair.
  • Techniques that I use to apply the styling products are mentioned in this post.
  • Once gel is applied, I leave my hair alone!! :-p I don’t touch it at all till it dries completely.
  • If I touch or mess my hair before it is dry, that is the sure shot way to infuse the much-hated frizz!!
  • Once Hair is completely dry and the hard crunchy feel is still there, I Scrunch Out the Crunch to get soft, bouncy and voluminous curls

After the gel cast had formed and my hair is 100% dry, I follow the below:

  • SOTC is basically just as simple as it says….scrunching out the crunch. When hair is completely dry, use your palms to scrunch your dry curls slowly.
  • How to scrunch? This row is linked to the corresponding in detail post.
  • Place the ends of your hair in your palm and slowly move it towards your scalp/roots. Once the entire length is your hand, gently press the hair…kind of pump the hair few times, gently….you will feel the hardness of the gel being released. Move your hand down and let your hair go.
  • The above step would have broken the gel cast and your curls would look fluffy, frizz-free & natural..without the weighed down look.
  • This is called SOTC.. Scunching out the crunch!
  • So, now you know!! 🙂
Curlacious_curly girl SOTC_Scrunching_Curly hair basics_India
Scrunch out the crunch Results (SOTC for curly hair)


SOTC itself should give you volume and release the crunchy feeling curls.

Now let’s talk about fluffing.

Once my hair is dry, my scalp shows through

Seems as if I am balding!!

Looks so bad..

I am not loosing hair, but it seems so, since hair at roots clump and show like bald spots.

I often get asked such queries.. so here is what I do:

  • After you have done SOTC, bend and bring your hair in front.
  • Keep your fingers wide open and without disrupting the curls, place your fingerpads on your scalp…
  • Gently shake your fingers. very gently.
  • Repeat few times.
  • Then move on to different spots and repeat
  • Once done, place your fingers on the scalp and turn upright with your fingers still on the scalp….this way the hair will fall back on your hands…once upright..remove your hands without disturbing the curls…..this gives lift at the root and fixes the bald-looking-spot’s and fluffs up the roots…
  • Instead of fingers, a hair pick can  also be used.  You know those metallic or plastic hair massagers that we get? The one that looks like broken egg beater? Yeah that too can be used.
  • Fluffing also helps in increasing volume. Believe me I know many curlies who fluff using hair pick and achieve crazy volume at roots. You can try that if you like such excess volume.


Curlacious_curly girl SOTC_Scrunching_Curly hair basics_India
Fluffing the roots & SOTC

This green one is a very old pic..the other grey one is of last night… I don’t really have more pics to show the difference that SOTC and fluffing make…

Did I make sense? or did I confuse you? would you like a step by step pictorial tutorial? Do lemme know in comments below!! 🙂

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  1. Wow! A very new technique to know ! I only did the scrunching while shampoo, conditioner, and whenever I used leave-on conditioners. Using gels now gets added to my checklist. I assume that’s set wet from the other post. Those curls look fab BTW!

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