Bride to be? This Should be Your Hair Routine!

Bride to be? Then I know how freaked out you would be about your D day!! All the planning, details and the stress can take its toll on not only your skin but also on your hair. I am sure you are already on your skin care routine for that perfect glow on the D day. But what about your hair? Doesn’t that need some love and care? After all, your hair undergoes more stress on all the events with so much heat, styling and manipulation. Sooo for all the super stressed beauties out there, I am jotting down simple steps to follow till your special day.

It is expected that you would be on a super tight schedule so lets break it down and keep your hair care simple!

Irrespective of the products that you use, sulfate-silicone containing or sulfate-silicone free, it is best to stick to a good and consistent hair care regimen. Here you go:


  • Stick to your standard shampoos and conditioners. This might not be the time to experiment with your hair products. There is always an adjusting period that our hair and scalp take. That is why I am not asking you to hop on to the Curly Girl Method.


  • Do a weekly once deep conditioning treatment. Prepare your hair for all the styling and heat by deep conditioning your hair consistently. Grab a good hair mask and start using it weekly once. So that your hair is well moisturized and conditioned to give you good hair days during the pre and post wedding chaos!!


  • Do a monthly once Protein Treatment. DIY gelatin hair treatment should be good for this. Since your hair needs to handle a lot of manipulation while styling, make sure it has a protein surge about a month before your wedding to make your hair strong enough.


  • Try to keep heat styling minimal. Since a lot of hot tools will be used on your hair on all your events, it is better to keep the heat styling at minimum prior to your D-day. Even with the bestest heat protectants and sprays, hot tools do tend to make our hair weak. A lot of that will go on your hair back to back (for your Sangeet, pre-wedding shoot, wedding, reception, post-wedding shoot etc.etc.) soooo it is always better to keep your hair away from all that heat till those moments arrive.


  • Indulge in hair spa once in a while. What any bride-to-be really needs is to unwind and relax. Taking those hair spa trips  can be good for you and your hair!


As a bonus, here are few awesome wedding hairstyle inspirations for you from WedMeGood, a one stop Indian Wedding planning Website. And, if you have not booked your bridal makeup and hairstylist for your wedding yet, search on the site and book them now.

These are few of my favorites:

Various Buns:

  Curlacious_wedmegood_Hairstyle Ideas_7   Curlacious_wedmegood_Hairstyle Ideas11

Messy Braids:

Curlacious_wedmegood_Hairstyle Ideas_6   Curlacious_wedmegood_Hairstyle Ideas_6

Half up-Half down:

Curlacious_wedmegood_Hairstyle Ideas_6   Curlacious_wedmegood_Hairstyle Ideas_9

So, which is your favorite hairstyle for your occasion?

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Now, frankly how many hours did you just spend on WMG even though you have been married for last 5 year? I spent just 5!! 😉

Photos Courtesy: Wed Me Good

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