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Curly Hair Care Method

Temple visits and curls!

Let’s talk temple visits and curls!!! So, my dearest Indian beauties…(especially South Indian curlies….) you will surely relate to this. Super early temple visit. NEED to wash hair(coz how can you even visit a temple without washing your hair) End up looking like a wet dog through out the visit! 🙂 Can’t handle the stares […]

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Budget Curls

Curls on a Budget ~~ Vol. 4

After long, here is another curls on a budget pic. I am also mentioning the line up & styling details. The products are all Indian products and pretty much budget ones. Wash day line up for the this pics: 🦋 Deep conditioner: Applied Mama Earth’s Argan Oil Hair Mask on dry hair at night and left […]

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Curly Hair Products

Review: Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Finally after loads of experimentation and a lot of trials, here I am with the review of Kinky Curly Curling Custard. This is one cult product that almost ALL curlies rave about!! Almost everyone says that they loved it from the first use!! That wasn’t the case with me! I had a long learning curve with this product. I spoke to many curlies on how they use it and tried different methods.

I did like the product from first use. But I also knew that it had much more potential and that it could be ‘loved’.