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Budget Curls

Curls on a Budget ~~ Vol. 4

After long, here is another curls on a budget pic. I am also mentioning the line up & styling details. The products are all Indian products and pretty much budget ones. Wash day line up for the this pics: 🦋 Deep conditioner: Applied Mama Earth’s Argan Oil Hair Mask on dry hair at night and left […]

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Curl Love

Curl Love: Curls on Pongal!! ;)

Happy Pongal & Happy Makar Sankranti!!! I am so excited today!!! For soooo many things!!! I made pongal (sweet & salty) in open pots and it came out sooooooo well!! Till today, I never really hit the right consistency (when making in open pots!!) But todayyyyyyy both pongals came out awesomeeeee!!! Yayyy!!! I tried the […]

Curl Love: Curls on a Laidback Weekend!!

Keeping up with the Curly Hair Inspiration series….and trying to “Keep it Real”.. Here are my day 3 pics on a rather laid back weekend!! Scroll down till the end to know the products used…No hair gel used!!! On Vijaya Dashmi, I had gone out to temple with my family… I had hurriedly twisted and […]