Comments Replied!!!

Hey Curlies, 

I have finally tried and replied all the pending comments on the blog… except one from Assam(I will approve & reply soon!!)…

There were so so soooo many comments pending for so so soooo long!!! 🙁 I am really really sorry, darlings… I had let them pile up so much that every time I sat down to reply, I didn’t know where to start.. 🙁

If I have missed out any of your comments, please drop me another comment or a reminder, I will look into it and reply. 🙂

I still am to look into my mails…If you had sent me an email and didn’t get a reply, don’t give up yet!! I am getting at it!! 😀

Planning to stay more active now on!! 

Stay in touch!! and keep sharing your curl stories and love……..





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