Curl Love: Day 2 Curls at Kodaikanal!!

I love my Day 1 curly hair better..almost always… By default my Day 2 hair look fine on most days (~~it misbehaves only when I have to go out!!!)….but, by the end of day 2 hair stats to frizz up…. this is when I do not refresh much.

Hair looks fine if I refresh it, though 🙂

You might already know about my Kodaikanal trip and how I took care of my hair. I had posted the details and the Day 1 pics here.

Now here I am posting my Day 2 hair pics. Curls were surely frizzier than Day 1. But nevertheless I loved them!! Without the Chennai humidity, I felt my hair behaved much better!!


How I refreshed:

  • On Day 1 night, I applied Cantu Curl Activator Cream on my hair, very lightly.
  • Put it up on a loose top bun.
  • Put on the Satin Bonnet.
  • My hair was better in the morning.
  • On Day 2 morning, applied the Cantu Curl Activator Cream on dry hair, 
  • Added extra cream on fizzy curls
  • Tada!!


  • As the day went by and we roamed around more, I felt my hair got a bit frizzy here and there.
  • I did not refresh
  • Just put it up in a ponytail


We took long walks, chased around bubbles, ran around the lake and rolled in the grass!! Fun Vacation!!

CurlLove_India_CurlyHair_Wavy Blogger_Divya_Curlacious


CurlLove_India_CurlyHair_Wavy Blogger_Divya_Curlacious


CurlLove_India_CurlyHair_Wavy Blogger_Divya_Curlacious Day 2 hair


CurlLove_India_CurlyHair_Wavy Blogger_Divya_Curlacious


CurlLove_India_CurlyHair_Wavy Blogger_Divya_Curlacious


Here is my Curly Hair Routine  in detail.

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6 thoughts on “Curl Love: Day 2 Curls at Kodaikanal!!

  1. Hi, Shout out from Southern California to my curly sisters in India. I have dark blonde fine curly hair. I love your curls and length. Interesting post about this Cantu cream. Anything that defines curls and reduces frizz. My hair is shoulder length and doing well. It does tend to grow slowly. Looks like that may not be an issue for you, but would be interested in suggestions. Found out about you from a post on Quora. Best.

    1. *Hi5* Divahh!! 🙂 #CurlPower across the world!!

      I genetically do have faster hair growth!! But I also make sure I have a balanced diet and have a lot of protein intake. Plus I do consistent Scalp Massages ( This helps in stimulating the hair follicles – which in turn decrease hair fall, strengthen hair and increase blood flow to scalp which in turn induces hair growth!

      You can try that! 🙂

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