Curlacious Curls: Deepanshi’s Curly Transformation

Here is my second feature on the Curlacious Curls section where I feature curly hair transformations of you gorgeous readers. This is to tell you that not only me, anyone and everyone can rock their curls beautifully!!

If we can do it, you too can!!! 🙂


Deepanshi’s Curly Hair Care Routine:

Pre-poo (Before hair wash):

  • Mix of olive oil + JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) + Almond Oil + 2-3 Capsules of Vitamin E on the scalp.
  • Coconut oil on the lengths






Deep Conditioners:


Leave-in Conditioner:


Styling Cream:




Styling methods used:

Once fully dry, she Scrunches Out the Crunch with Righteous Roots oil or Argan oil.


Refreshing method:


Here is she midway her journey when she still had some damaged ends uncut (still looks gorgeous!!):

Indian Curly Transfrmation_CurlaciousCurls Reader Curls_Vol2


In her own words, “I started loving my curls 2 years back. Not exactly 2 years back but I started my journey of curly hair 2 years back and I’m following cg for 6 months now. I was born with curly hair ..they were so curly that people used to make fun of me by calling me a nest hahaha. In my family there is no body who knows how to take care of curly hair. Then I kept on searching for curly hair and after struggling with my nest for almost 20 years with 3 years of straightening, I came to know how to manage this nest. In the search of curly hair info, I came to know these few saviours who actually saved my curls: Pallavi, Divya , Anjana, Asha and Liz.


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