Curlacious Curls: Hinshara Habeeb’s Curly Transformation

Happy new year, curlies!! What better way to start the year than by spreading some encouragement and love?!

So let’s start with the very first feature on the blog….an incredible transformation of an incredibly committed and enthusiastic curly, Hinshara!!

Hinshara has gorgeous curls…but once upon a time, she used to get chemical straightening done. Now she has fallen in love with her natural hair. ..and the pic tells you why!!!

You too can transition from chemically straightened hair to gorgeous naturally curly or wavy hair!!


Feel free to take inspiration from her Curly hair Routine:

Initial stage (June)

  • Shampoo – kerastase sulphate free shampoo
  • Conditioner and leave in – L’Oréal smooth intense
By July mid – August 
  • Shampoo – Rainforest moisture shampoo
  • Conditioner – Enliven Raspberry
  • Deep Conditioner– The Body Shop Rainforest moisture butter
  • Leave in – As I am leave in conditioner
  • Styling Gel – Schwarzkopf Taft Gel and Ambica pillai kaytra curl cream

By this stage she stopped shampooing every wash day and reduced it to once in 2 weeks. Co washing and deep conditioning was her go to routine.

By September

By October:

Pre poo – Righteous roots

  • Shampoo – Bentonite clay wash Or Innersense colour awakening shampoo
  • Conditioner – As I am cowash or Innersense conditioner
  • Cowash – As I am cowash

Deep Conditioner – since she has low porosity hair she alternates between Moisture DC and protein DC

  • Moisture DC – eden bodyworks
  • Protein DC – Rawkyn

Styling products:

  • Leave in – As I am leave in
  • Cream – Cantu curl activator
  • Gel – Bounce curl or Deva curl Arc Angel

Her hair is at its best at this stage. She is able to extend the days in between her wash days without her hair looking frizzy and poofy.

Hinshara’s Curly Story:

My curly hair journey goes like this. I have thick mallu curls by birth – Thanks to my mother. Never really knew how to take care of it. Every salon I used to go gave me the same old lecture – “Your hair is just frizzy. You just need to go for regular hair spas and your hair will be perfectly fine.” Honestly speaking, I never really liked my hair. I always used to crib to my mom saying what is this Frizzy nest. It’s always so dry and that it looks so bad. So that’s when I heard about the smoothening treatment when I reached high school. I was in love with the idea of having permanent thick black straight hair. So just like any other curly hair girl hating her hair I went and got it smoothened. Oh my! Did I not love the attention I was getting for my straight hair? But sadly the chemical effect didn’t last that long! The roots started curling and I started getting even more conscious. I started dreading my constant trips to the salon just to smoothen my roots followed by my hair fall problems. I knew it was because of the damage being done to my hair but I just didn’t know when to stop. After doing the chemical treatment 4 times every 7 to 8 months, I decided to go natural, to let my hair grow the way it wants to. I used to straighten the front only for occasions just so that I could cover my frizzy curly roots.
But the oath to let my hair completely transition still hadn’t been made. The decision to revert back to my natural curls happened when I interned in Dubai this summer where I met a girl who had thick mallu curls (very similar to my real hair texture) and they were looking so gorgeous on her. The frizz didn’t seem very evident and they were very nicely defined. We connected over our love for hair. She told me about the famous curly hair blogger @curlypenny. Watching her curly hair mistake video made me realise that I was doing all the 7 mistakes mentioned in it! That very moment is when I promised myself to let my hair return back to its natural state. I started watching all her videos one by one and made an effort to include a few steps like scrunching and DIY Deep conditioning masks to my hair routine. But I always felt like I had the need to find a blogger who had a similar hair texture to mine and that’s when I accidently discovered @thecuriousjalebi. Her blog gave me an insight to the curly hair products and routines that are available in India and can be used to help me with my transitioning. I actually started believing in the curly girl method when I started seeing my hair texture change for the better as the days went by. I started trying different Indian products that were CG Friendly, spoke to a lot of other Indian curly hair bloggers like Anjana from @curlsandbeautydairy and Divya from @curlaciousblog. I understood that even the Indian products that I am using are not CG safe but just CG Friendly which implies and that every curly hair is not the same.
Since I already had a CG Safe Shampoo, leave in and Deep Conditoner,I trusted honest liz’s review on bounce curl gel and went ahead and bought the gel and also the As I am Co wash from Naturalistic Products. Believe it or not, my hair has never been at its best since I started my transition. These CG safe products have given me hope that my end results will be good and this journey will just continue to get even more exciting.
Though I constantly irritate @honestliz and @curlaciousblog, they have always been supportive and excited about my results. Thank you both so much for helping me getting over my insecurity when it comes to my hair.
God has gifted me beautiful hair and I have promised myself every bit to take care of it!


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