Curls at 5th TNIBF Hot Air Balloon Festival, Chennai

5th Tamilnadu International Balloon Festival was held in Chennai from 4th till 6th Jan 2019. I was so excited to attend it on the 6th Jan. It was surely a surreal experience. I went there with my family and it was super fun.

There is another festival happening at Pollachi from 11-13th Jan, 2019. If you missed the Chennai one, you can still make it to the Pollachi event. Another awesome feature in Pollachi is that the Balloons ride would be a free flowing one as well!!


The arrangements:

The event was organized in Chengalpettu, in the Kanjipuram district. The place was some 50km from my place. We took the electric train to chengalpettu. I love how Chennai electric trains are very well connected and the easiest way of commuting within and around Chennai. The event was at a walking distance from the electric train station. The festival was organized at a huge open ground and was very well organized. Even though the place was overflowing with people, it did not feel crowded or suffocating. The parking was neatly planned as well.

Curlacious_Hot air Balloon Fest


The tickets were easily available online at book my show. For those who missed to book online, there were tickets available offline at the spot. The early online bookings made it less crowded at the counters.

There was an option of going for a tied balloon tethering, where you can ride the balloon till a short distance into the air for 10-15 minutes. The kids height as expected to be 4ft so i opted out of it as my 5 year old is shorter than that.

For people who had not opted for the ride, there were very neat arrangements to watch the balloons and the balloon rides. There were so many gaming stalls, food stalls, property stalls and many more. Food at many of the counters was so delicious.

On the opening day, there was a concert by Andrea and going by the reviews, it went amazingly. On 6th Jan, Illayaraja came to the spot for a quick promotion.


The balloons:

The hot air balloons were surely the highlight of the event. Such varies shapes and styles of balloons were docked at the site. 5 balloons were constantly taking people for rides. There was good food, good music and awesome view of the balloons to enjoy the evening.

Hot air Balloon_festival TNIBF 2019_Curlacious_divya

Hot air Balloon_festival TNIBF 2019_Curlacious

Angry Bird Hot Air BalloonChennai_curlacious

Shankar 2.0 hot air balloon_curlacious



Night Glow Show:

There was a Night Glow show that was conducted and it was a total entertainer. The balloons glow in rhythm with entertaining music. Even if you didn’t go for the ride, the night glow show is something that you should not be missing out on. There is a video clip of it on my instagram! Go have a look!!!

Curlacious_NightGlow show Balloon Fest

If you are in and around Pollachi…you should really make it to the next show!!!


Now, lets talk about the curls:

How I styled:

Washed my hair with DevaCurl Low Poo Delight

Conditioned with DevaCurl One Condition Delight

Applied Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Followed up with DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel

Plopped with DevaTowel

Airdied on the way in the electric train

Did not have my scarf…so it was more like wind-drying my hair!! hehe

Once at the event, when my hair was dry, fluffed it and didn’t bother about it the whole night.


Wet Curls:



Curlacious_Divya_wet curls


Airdried curls:

Constants ~ Me and my Brother!!

curlacious_curls and bro_divya_balaji madaswamy

During the event:

I have a glowing idea!! 😉

curlacious_curls at Hot air balloon festival_tnibf2019

After the event..once back home:

Not bad after some 7 hours in the wind and humidity and sweat!! <3

Curlacious_after a day out

Next Balloon fest of TNIBF2019 event is in Pollachi over this weekend…go book your tickets now!!!


Alternate hair styling routine in a budget:

  • Any shampoo that you use.
  • Loreal Smooth Intense Conditioner
  • Cantu Curl Activator Cream
  • Set Wet Gel

The above combination is my go-to styling routine. and this would have held my hair much better than any other combination. But I am testing out new combos so I gave up on this one….but if you are planning for a day out in sun and wind in a humid place like Chennai, do give this styling routine a try…you will fall in love, I promise!!! <3



3 thoughts on “Curls at 5th TNIBF Hot Air Balloon Festival, Chennai

  1. Wow, I never even had an idea something like this happens, good to know! Since you have used Deva Curl here, I was wondering if you think it’s worth the price on Amazon India? BTW have you tried the Petal Fresh range of conditioners? I find it regularly in Health & Glow, it’s organic, silicone -free and they have great slip and moisturise well. Not Indian, tho decently priced

    1. Even i didn’t know!! It was so much fun!! Might go every year!!! Devacurl is awesome. We feel the giid quality of the product when we use it. But then It is very much a personal thing it doesn’t feel like the best conditioner in the world!! But then It feels so clean! 🙂

      Petal fresh, no! I am yet to try! Let me see if I can grab it! Thanks for suggesting, Nayantara!

  2. Hmmm… may ask someone coming from the US to get trial sizes or something then, don’t know if amazon prices are worth it!

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