Curls on a Budget ~~ Vol. 2

Sooo… last week I posted this hair pic where I had used all budget products. Well, this is another post to show you that curly hair care need not be costly at all!! I am planning to make this into a series.

Do suggest products that you want me to try. May be I will throw in mini product reviews in the next volume.


So here you go!! The products I used are:

I am gonna try this conditioner more and review it soon…this has been on my shelf for so long.

Here is how my curls turned out:

Revlon Flex conditioner_Curly Hair_Pics_Curlacious

Not bad huh!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually I used the “Squish to condish” method here..I am getting a hang of it but not sure if i am liking it….will do a separate post in detail soon ๐Ÿ™‚

So what products are you using currently? and what products do you want me to try in this series? Next I have flaxseed gel on my list…been long that I made the gel..time to make!! yayy!!!


Here is my Curly Hair Routineย ย in detail.

Product Lists are here:

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