Curls on a Budget ~~ Vol. 4

After long, here is another curls on a budget pic. I am also mentioning the line up & styling details.

The products are all Indian products and pretty much budget ones.

Indian Curly wavy hair_Curlacious_SOTC_scruncout_Volume_Arata

Wash day line up for the this pics:

🦋 Deep conditioner: Applied Mama Earth’s Argan Oil Hair Mask on dry hair at night and left it on my hair overnight. I did not put any plastic cover/shower cap on. Just let my hair free and lay my curls on the usual satin pillowcase.

🦋 Shampoo: Arata Chemicals Shampoo. Diluted the shampoo, and applied only on the scalp and massaged in sections with a lot of water. Rinsed the scalp very thoroughly. With the water that ran down, washed the lengths.

🦋 Detangle: Did not use any other conditioner. Since I already had the mask on my hair, there was enough slip. So as I rinsed off the shampoo, I detangled my hair. It was so much easier to detangle.

🦋 Conditioner: I did not feel like adding  more conditioner to my hair, so I just scrunched my hair with a lot of water. My hair was already conditioned and slippery soft with the hair mask. So, I just left the Mama Earth Hair Mask in my hair and did not add any more

🦋 Styler: Arata Chemicals hair cream. Scrunched in on very wet hair. Took handful of curls and pumped it with loads of water. Did not squeeze out the water. just pumped softly. So that the product gets infused into the hair. When I repeated this few times, the curls started forming chunks and clumping together.

🦋 Gel: Arata Chemicals Hair gel.  Scrunched on hair. Water was still in hair from the previous step. So with the same amount of dripping wetness, I added the hair gel. After all hair was covered with the gel, then I scrunched the hair and squeezed out all the water.

🦋 Plopping: Put hair in a plop right after the gel. Completed my shower with the hair in a t-shirt plop. Came out of shower and plopped with a different t-shirt.

🦋 Drying: Plopped for a little more than 1 hour. Followed by air drying.

🦋 SOTC: After drying, if you read the previous post, you would already know how I SOTC’d. 🙂


I am still testing all these products. But so far I am liking these.


So, what are your favourite Budget Curls products??

8 thoughts on “Curls on a Budget ~~ Vol. 4

  1. Hi Divya! Arata cream seems to be a little-less priced than Cantu. Have you posted the review for Arata Cream somewhere on this blog? I am looking for alternatives for Cantu Curling Cream (while I wait for it to arrive from the US) Any product reccos? DIY or shop-bought.

    1. Hey Priya, I am yet to review the Arata one. I am still testing it out. As of now, it is good. But it is not a curl enhancing one. The review might take some time to be up coz I need to try it atleast few times before writing up a review 🙂

  2. What gorgeous results, can’t believe this was without any post-shampoo conditioner!! This has totally convinced me about Mama earth mask, I’ve been iffy about it so far…

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