Curly Girl Method India – Before & After Pics & thoughts!

Hello curlies and Wavies !!


If you have been reading a lot about curly girl method and are really not sure if you should go for it or not. Orrr……Just in case you needed a boost or encouragement to make you try or keep sticking to this new found method to take care of your super frizzy, dry, untamed curly or wavy hair, then here you go…. hope this comparison pic of my hair gives you a positive vibe to get down there and try this special method for our curly or wavy hair and make our hair look super gorgeous. If you ever thought that following a silicone-free and sulfate-free hair care regimen in India (especially for curly/wavy hair) is impossible then it is time you open up your eyes (or my blog!!) and learn that it is not so anymore. Also, I am here to help you out. 


Q. Did I start out with super gorgeous curls right away?

A. No….I started with heat damaged hair…

Q. Is it easy to follow and adapt to this method?

A. Yes and No.

Yes, if you are determined and patient for those initial few weeks.

Yes, if your hair is not heat or chemically damaged. (you so lucky!!<3)

No, if you are too impatient or intolerant to others’ comments or perspectives

Q. Does that mean that heat/chemically damaged or treated hair people should call it quits?

A. Noway!! You just need more time and extra patience to see the results. But it is totally worth it

Q. What makes life easier in going Curly/Wavy?

A. Being comfortable in your own skin, well, hair in this case 😉

and feeling beautiful, confident and awesome for what you really are. 

Q. What is not-so-easy about following this method?

A. Getting over the hair routine we have been following for ages..

and coming to terms with this method and accepting that it is best for our curls & waves

Q. Have my curls reached their full potent?

A. Not yet. But my hair are already healthier than before.

I love my current hair more than I ever liked my flat ironed or blow dried hair!!

Q. My suggestion to co-curlies  or wavies who are still in dilemma?

A. Do try and embrace your natural hair and I bet you will thank yourself thousand times a day for this decision


Don’t know where to start? Check the Index post pinned as the very first post on the blog. Here>>> :):):):):):):):):)


Curly Girl Method hair_CG before after hair_Pic_Indian Naturally Curly Wavy_
Curly Girl Method_Before & After


Now about the pic, the left pic is of my long and heat damaged curls when I had started following the curly girl method. This is not a before starting CG and After, it is basically comparison of how my hair has gotten better over a period of time. I had long and heat damaged hair. The middle part of my hair was the most damaged and had become a looser curl pattern. I did keep the length for few months coz heat damaged or not, letting go of the length is probably one of the most difficult decisions to make.

Then again after a lot of thinking, I concluded that my hair surely needed to get a haircut. I desperately wanted to get rid of the damaged lengths (atleast a quarter of it!) and also to prevent the length from weighing down on the hair volume and curl pattern. The damaged rolled over ends needed to be shunned! the flatter mid length curl patterns had to be cut short.

When it was healthy hair versus long hair, the choice was easy to make…..I could not find a curly hair expert so went with a usual stylist named Job @ Essentuals, Taramani Road, Chennai. We discussed what I really wanted, how I wear my hair and what kind of cut was he going to give and zillion such things. Job finally gave me layers starting a little below the shoulder till the end. I asked him to cut about an inch and half of the damaged ends right way. The final look was pretty much fine. I have my own likes and dislikes for it…well that will make another post.. 🙂

The pic on the right is how my hair looks currently. This pic was clicked last Friday! 🙂

I will do another post on tips for hair cut in another post….Now that I got this much awaited hair cut, I know what was wrong and what was right and what needs to be considered before going for a cut.


Another photo to boost your intention of styling your hair in its naturally curly/wavy way, here is another pic:


Curlacious_Curly hair brushing_wavy Hair India
Combed vs Natural Hair

SO, after seeing the above pic, what do you guys think?? Is it worth following this method for my Indian curly hair? [Well, more of wavy hair !! ;)] Would you want to try it out?? Are you already trying this?? Do lemme know in comments below… If you can, please share your pics or feedback in the Forum here.


Much love,

Divya <3

12 thoughts on “Curly Girl Method India – Before & After Pics & thoughts!

    1. Hey Shreyasmita!!

      I am glad you asked… 🙂

      First a little background information – 1) The ‘before’ pic is of when I had just started following this method few months back and the ‘after’ pic is a current click. The before is not the “prior to Curly Girl Method” pic. 2) The lower part of my hair is heat damaged and I am still growing them out!

      Now about the comparison:

      In the pic on the left, my curls are falling flat(if you see the curve of each bunch in both pics, you will understand), there is comparatively more frizz, my hair is drier from mid length towards the ends and the ends of my hair are unevenly rolling-over giving it an untamed look.

      Whereas in the pic on the right, my curls are more defined, less frizzy, retaining moisturize and I have gotten rid of the damaged ends with a haircut (though it makes my hair look a little thin at the end, I am ok with it!).

      Overall if you look along the lengths in both the pics, my hair has gotten healthier in the pic on right.

      Sooo.. Which one would you prefer personally – right or left? *Curious* 🙂

      Oh BTW, hope I answered your question?

  1. how long did it take or this perfect look… the way amazing blog by a Chennai ponnu(girl)!!! actually#proud!!and thank u…i’m gonna get started ….

    1. Hey Jane!! Nandri!! 😉 :):) Thank you sooo much!!

      My curls are better but still not perfect…I am still growing out my heat damaged ends. But I can tell you that within 2-3 weeks I had started loving my curls and within 4-6 weeks I had gotten a hold on maintaining my curls. I still experiment and try new techniques and products to see what works out for me. I have zillions of curly hair musings going on in my head 😉 I am still learning and sharing side by side!! but it is super fun!! 🙂

  2. The after pictures definitely look better. Keep going and I am sure you’ll have amazing hair. When I turned cg and actually started caring for my hair, my hair got so curly that my own family didn’t believe it. Everyone thought I simply had really terrible looking frizzy, poofy hair.

    1. Oh wow… Thanks alot, Preeti!! Now this is something really motivating!! Thanks for the encouragement… I will surely keep going and stop at nothing but fully recovered gorgeous curls!!! 🙂 Guess once we see the full potential of our hair, we cannot believe that we lived with our hair in a poof and mess for so long…while those gorgeous locks were just there to be discovered!!! 😀

    1. Hiii…. my curls in after are a little flatter towards the end coz those parts are heat damaged and have gotten looser. However in the before pic, my hair was all frayed and uneven and rolling up towards the ends. 🙂

  3. Hi Divya,
    Thanks for sharing so many things on your blog about curly hair. I had almost given up on my curly heat damaged hair. But now reading so much and learning ways to take care of my locks have given me lot of hope. Will follow the steps and will definitely need to read more of your blogs. Thank you so much!

    1. Hey Veena…. Great that my blog gave you hope!! 🙂 you should surely try and embrace yor natural hair…. I too am transitioning from heat damaged hair to natural…and day by day I feel so happy to have done that!! 🙂 hope you too will fall in love with your curls…. 🙂 :-* feel free to reach it for any suggestions and to give us feedback! 🙂

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