Curly Girl Method: Before-After (Part 2)

To make up for no posts in the last many manyyyy weeks, here is a comparison pic that I was supposed to post before going MIA…..


The pic in green top was taken in September or October, I think…..and the before pic is of 2015… month I need to track back..(this is the only proper click that I have of the before curly)….


Just want to quickly highlight the importance of proper and consistent hair care, getting rid of the damaged ends as much as possible, staying away from direct heat and above all, Curl Love!!! <3


P.S. I still have those stringy damaged ends, I had a plan to get my next  cut at a particular salon but then that plan got splashed too!! So, you and I need to wait a little more before I jump on to completely damage free hair!! 🙂

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