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Curly Hair Care is NOT Costly!! ~~ See for yourself!! ~~ Curls on a Budget!!

There is this common misconception that Curly Hair Care is very costly.. Well, it is not!! Just coz many us curly bloggers often mention high end products as a go-to or HG for us, it doesn’t mean that curly hair care is always too heavy on the pocket.

As much as I love Cantu and Sheamoisture products, I mostly stick to cost effective products that are easily available in India.


So here are my results from using products mentioned below:


I have linked my reviews of these products and the corresponding purchase links are in the reviews 🙂


Curly Hair Care India_Budget Friendly_Curlacious


Curly Hair Care India_Budget Friendly_Curlacious2


You can get similar results by replacing any of these products with any of your personal favourites!! 🙂

Still feel that curly hair care is gonna break your bank?!


14 thoughts on “Curly Hair Care is NOT Costly!! ~~ See for yourself!! ~~ Curls on a Budget!!

  1. You results are lovely, beautiful hair. Gel is suddenly not working for my hair since the weather has become colder and drier, could you please give me some suggestions, thanks 🙂

      1. Thanks for your reply, I have clarified (I do this about once a month), definitely need a deep condition though!! My problem is gel works great for me in more humid weather, but in this Bangalore winter, even after SOTC with gel some crunchiness remains. If I use too little, I get frizz 🙁 Do you think a cream would work better? Or a lighter hold gel… anything you can recommend that wouldn’t cost a bomb hehe! My hair is very fine and currently shoulder length (also much tighter curls now than seen in my profile pic- mix of 3a and 3b)
        PS I love your blog esp the product reviews and your curly routines. I think its awesome that you include reviews for all budgets. Please, pretty please post more often if possible 😀

  2. Why u don’t use enliven conditioner? Because u reviewd about this tyk that u realy in love with that. bt why enliven is not include in ur hare care products?

    1. Hey Mahi.. the last time i used Enliven, it seemed to make my hair frizz.. i wanted to try it again before i made my mind…but then had so many other products in hand that I forgot…and Enliven is almost always out of stock…couldn’t get my hands on it again!! 😀

        1. The Aloe veda conditioner is okay-ish.. It doesn’t have much slip. but has a strong fragrance and works fine.. I prefer it as a leave-in. It works better when I leave it in for longer time.

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