Curly Hair Care is NOT Costly!! ~~ See for yourself!! ~~ Curls on a Budget!!

There is this common misconception that Curly Hair Care is very costly.. Well, it is not!! Just coz many us curly bloggers often mention high end products as a go-to or HG for us, it doesn’t mean that curly hair care is always too heavy on the pocket.

As much as I love Cantu and Sheamoisture products, I mostly stick to cost effective products that are easily available in India.


So here are my results from using products mentioned below:


I have linked my reviews of these products and the corresponding purchase links are in the reviews 🙂


Curly Hair Care India_Budget Friendly_Curlacious


Curly Hair Care India_Budget Friendly_Curlacious2


You can get similar results by replacing any of these products with any of your personal favourites!! 🙂

Still feel that curly hair care is gonna break your bank?!


27 thoughts on “Curly Hair Care is NOT Costly!! ~~ See for yourself!! ~~ Curls on a Budget!!

  1. Why u don’t use enliven conditioner? Because u reviewd about this tyk that u realy in love with that. bt why enliven is not include in ur hare care products?

    1. Hey Mahi.. the last time i used Enliven, it seemed to make my hair frizz.. i wanted to try it again before i made my mind…but then had so many other products in hand that I forgot…and Enliven is almost always out of stock…couldn’t get my hands on it again!! 😀

        1. The Aloe veda conditioner is okay-ish.. It doesn’t have much slip. but has a strong fragrance and works fine.. I prefer it as a leave-in. It works better when I leave it in for longer time.

  2. You results are lovely, beautiful hair. Gel is suddenly not working for my hair since the weather has become colder and drier, could you please give me some suggestions, thanks 🙂

      1. Thanks for your reply, I have clarified (I do this about once a month), definitely need a deep condition though!! My problem is gel works great for me in more humid weather, but in this Bangalore winter, even after SOTC with gel some crunchiness remains. If I use too little, I get frizz 🙁 Do you think a cream would work better? Or a lighter hold gel… anything you can recommend that wouldn’t cost a bomb hehe! My hair is very fine and currently shoulder length (also much tighter curls now than seen in my profile pic- mix of 3a and 3b)
        PS I love your blog esp the product reviews and your curly routines. I think its awesome that you include reviews for all budgets. Please, pretty please post more often if possible 😀

          1. Hey there, thanks for all the advice, so I finally picked up a deep conditioner and used it and switched to Cantu coconut curling cream with Set wet cool hold (shows on the tube as a medium hold) instead of Set wet casual hold which had quite a hard hold. And my curls are really moisturised and popping!! Will try flax seed gel again when I have time, I used to love it 🙂

          2. Wasn’t able to get the Matrix hydrasource one and I really wanted one that day itself, you know how it is!! So I got the Schwarzkopf oil nutritive mask, it does have dimethicone but not at the top of the list and shea butter is the 3rd ingredient. I have recently reintroduced some cones after 3 yrs of being silicone-free. Now that my hair is much healthier, I don’t seem to have much issue with them. In fact for me polyquats & even some butters build up as much as silicones and I anyway was clarifying with the same frequency.
            I never transitioned as such since I was too lazy to use heat on my hair before starting curly girl method. My hair actually became unhealthy from moisture overload and not enough protein. I can use a ton of protein with no ill-effects. (Sorry for the looong explanation lol)

          3. Long comments are no problem at all, Nayantara!! 🙂

            Oh so you have been reintroducing silicones coz you clarify hair frequently. okayyy… If your hair needs frequent protein and is moisturized easily, then you can increase the frequency of your Protein Treatments (this DIY gelatin one is the best…if you are not a vegetarian, that is!!) instead of adding silicones.. Say alternate weeks u can do a protien treatment. even weekly if your hair takes it well.

            That said, if you feel that the silicones and clarifying routine works well for your hair, then you can surely stick to that!! 🙂

          4. Happy new year to you, Divya! I re-introduced silicones mainly since the underlayer of my hair has tight and extra fine curls which get tangled and knotted no matter how well I moisturise them. Fine hair tends to tangle more than average. I was starting to get single strand knots constantly, so to avoid damage from them I tried using a few conditioners from L’oreal with amodimethicone towards the end of the ingredients as it doesn’t build up much, and this has been helping prevent it quite a bit. I don’t like dimethicone much but amodimethicone and bis-aminopropyl-dimethicone seem to work well for me.
            Also since my hair is so fine I need to use protein twice a week, and through trial and error I find that keratin in the 1st 5 ingredients of conditioners work well, and I also include gelatine once a week. I’ve been doing this for almost a year without protein overload, if anything I’m more prone to moisture overload, as I’ve had it before, with limp, thin curls that were so weak they were constantly breaking. It took me months to correct.

          5. Hey Happy new year, Nayantara!!!

            Ohh that makes sense.. and amodimethicone doesn’t buildup…so it will not weight down your fine curls as much…but it would still need frequent clarifying to be removed from hair… oh it seems your hair loves proteins…fine hair surely needs more protein… It is awesome that you have figured out a routine that works perfectly for you!! :):) if it works for you, then you should stick to it…that’s what I feel!! :):)

            It is so nice to know that you did trials and figured out what works for your curls, instead of just giving up on them!!! <3 <3 <3 Wish more and more curlies would have that patience and that passion for embracing their curly and way hair!!! yayyyy!!!! 🙂

          6. Yaaayyyy!!! That’s so so sooooo awesome, Nayantara!!!! :):):) I feel we all should be obsessed with our hair, at least to some extent!! 😉 😀

  3. Hey Divya..
    I have very very dry curly hairs..After reading your review I have bought Wow 10in1 shampoo and aloeveda lemon grass conditioner(Since am student I can’t spend much 🙁 )
    Can i use aloe veda conditioner as a leave-in & for how long??

    1. Hey Avni.. ya you can leave-in the conditioner.. i feel it gives shine and conditions…only that the slip is not good :). how long as in… you can let it be till you wash your hair again…do not leave in too much!!

      1. Thanks a ton Divya 🙂
        I would say am extremely happy after using both the products..I can say now I have started liking my hairs especially after hair wash(may be i vl fall in luv someday)My hairs are too thick n if the product is working on my kind of hairs then they r best..Earlier i used to hate my hairs I was like ‘why god whyyy’..but now i think they r not dat bad..if i tk proper care of them…actually am too lazy kind of person n i was used to my dry unhealthy hairs..these products r awesome…vl try others products too..
        Thankyou sooo much for ur blog…
        Feeling like writing full length essay but can’t bother u much :p

        1. Wowww!! That’s awesome, Avni!!! Its great that the products are working for you and that you are starting to like your hair!!!

          I am sure you will fall in “love” with your hair very soon!! 🙂 Be consistent with your hair routine and you will be there!!!
          Cant wait to know further progress on your hair journey!!!

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