Curly Haircut Review – Bounce Salon, Chennai

I was way overdue for my haircut…. my hair was long and I loved that. But I still had some damaged ends hanging which needed to go. The damaged ends and the length were weighing my hair down. I so missed my shape and bounce.

It was high time I got a hair cut. My last haircut was at Bblunt, Bangalore.  Before that, in Oct 2016 or so, I had gotten cut at Bounce, Adyar, Chennai. That is some 10km from my place. I wanted to try another branch this time…just to see if the hair cuts were consistent across different branches for curly hair.

Fortunately, Bounce Salon has recently opened at Phoenix Market City Chennai. Which is so much nearer to my place.

Me and my best from Messy Hair Love went…me for a cut and she for a trim…

Long Post Alert: I am gonna tell all the details and try to answer all the questions that we curlies usually have. If you want only the summary, please scroll down to the end of the post. 



Bounce Salon at Phoenix Market city, Chennai is at 2nd floor inside the Project EVE  store.

It is not a “separate” salon but part of the Project EVE store.

Find your nearest Bounce Salon here. It is in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai

ProjectEVE_phoenix market city Chennai_bounce_curlacious



It is a small cozy unit at far left corner of the store. Separated by glass doors. It feels like a independent unit once you enter.

Services offered:

This particular branch is mainly hair services focused. They have hair cut, colouring, styling and other hair related services. They do have pedicure, manicure & threading too.



Yes, I am making a special heading for this coz the pricing for this branch is lower than all the other branches!! So we get to roam around the mall, shop, then get our hair services done without punching a hole in our pocket…Yaaayyyy for that!!!

Find the services and prices of your nearest Bounce Salon here:

For a hair cut by a Senior Stylist it is Rs. 750 (I paid Rs. 849 including taxes).


The Stylist:

Lalith, Senior Stylist at the Boucne, Velachery. Sadly, the next day was his last day at salon. I would have totally recommended him for your hair spas and cuts. But by the time this post would be up, his last day at Bounce would already be done.


My experience:

The Salon:

I found the salon to be cute and cozy. It is a very small section when compared to other Bounce salons and lounges. There is the welcome desk as we enter. Behind the desk is a stand of products on display and after that is the Shampoo Bowl and behind that is a single pedi-mani station. Opposite to the shampoo bowl is a stalk of the colors and (I think a storage area behind it). On to the left of reception desk are a total of 4 chairs facing each other, separated by mirrors. That’s it.

I totally loved this place. Small and chic!!

Bounce Salon Chennai_Review_Curly Haircut_phoenix market city Chennai_curlacious
Love this quote!


The Staff:

There was a quick talk at the reception desk. Followed straight by consultation and then the service. No sitting around and waiting. The staff was very warm and cordial. I asked if they had a curly hair expert. The person on reception told me that they don’t have a ‘separate’ curly hair expert and inquired on the service I was looking fo. I told him I wanted a haircut and that I always wear my hair curly. I was assured that the stylists at bounce can handle all type of hair. They have Senior Stylist and Style Director at this branch but only senior stylists were available at that time. I was okay with that.

The Consultation:

The person on the reception desk was the Senior Stylist, Lalith. I told him I wanted layers and that I was okay with about 2-2.5 inches of length being cut off. Then my hair was shampooed, conditioned, detangled and then cut. All these steps were non-CG and the usual way. But I must mention that Lalith gave the best head massage while shampooing. After various massages and shampoo sessions at various salons, I could easily mark this is as the best. once we moved to the hair cut, I quickly told him that I always wear my hair curly and that I did not want the longest layer to be too thin. So he suggested that we start the layers a little longer than shoulder. That was exactly what I was looking for.

P.S. I was very clear with what I wanted. I always explore and decide before hand and tell the stylist what I want.

Bounce Salon Chennai_Curly Haircut_ India_phoenix market city Chennai_curlacious

The Haircut:

It was not a dry cut. My hair was totally wet when the cut was done. It was the standard way of cutting hair – combing and cutting wet hair.

There was a mild struggle to detangle my hair since I had not detangled my hair prior to the cut and it was my day 3 hair, I was expecting that. Once he started with the cut, he again confirmed the length he was gonna cut. He showed me where he was keeping the shorted layer at. He worked through my hair very patiently. I was not worried coz the Stylist was clear on what I wanted and I was okay with going overall 3 inches shorter.

Once the cut was done, he showed me the length. I told him that it would go higher once it is dry and he agreed.

Curly haircut wavy hair_Chennai_Bounce Salon India_phoenix market city Chennai_curlacious

The styling:

Before I suggested, he asked if I wanted to have a wet look or else he could put in products and slightly diffuse. I requested to diffuse. The diffuser attachment seemed to come out of hiding after long. He applied a styling foam on my hair and diffused my hair on high. Semi-dried my hair and parted it towards the right. and tada done!

I am still in search of a stylist who diffuses my curly hair the perfect way!! Yet, as far as they do not want to blow dry my hair straight and know that they are supposed to scrunch in a mousse or gel and diffuse it, I give them a pass marking.

All the salons I have been to – Bounce (Adyar & Velachery), BBlunt (Bangalore), Essentuals (Chennai), the final styling of hair is way different from what we curlies usually style!!


I loved my hair then and there. I could see that all the damaged ends were gone and my hair immediately felt healthier. My hair was surely shorter and much more bouncier. I couldn’t wait and washed my hair the very next day., even though I didn’t have my clarifying shampoo… Totally in L.O.V.E. with my hair – the shape, the volume, the bounce. There were no “too-short” ends and I couldn’t be happier.

Earlier, I got a haircut from Bounce, Adyar. The stylist was Asha, a senior stylist (I am not sure if she is still around coz its been more than an year!). She too gave my hair a good shape, layers and kept the length exactly as I had wanted. I would totally recommend her too!


Overall Verdict:

I would surely recommend you to visit your nearest Bounce Salon. All the stylists seem to know curly, wavy as well as straight hair very well. The stylists are very patient and deliver exactly what you discuss during the consultation. If you go with clarity on what exactly you want your hair to look like and mention it to the stylist, they can surely deliver that!! (Read this post for some tips: Tips to Avoid Bad Curly/Wavy Haircut! )

They might not diffuse your hair the way you expect and most of the times you would leave the salon with your mane looking different (read frizzy and not-so-defined!). But believe me, once you style your hair yourself at home, you would love it!!

Also, if you go to a salon for the “experience” then probably you should choose a different Bounce branch in Chennai. This one is more of a to-the-point service thing. 🙂

Finally, this is how my hair looked: before and after the cut. (Both styled by me.)

Curly Haircut_Before After_Bounce Salon Chennai_India_curlacious


So, have you ever been to any Bounce salon? Share your experience!! Orrrr… do you have a favorite Curly/Wavy hair stylist? Do tell us.. we would like to list them up for everyone’s reference!! 


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  1. Wow, you look great, your hair looks much bouncier and more voluminous for sure! Any idea about the stylists at the Bangalore outlets? Would be nice if some other readers from here could chime in if they know 🙂

  2. Hi Divya, beautiful haircut!! If Lalith from Bounce has left, can you suggest a good curly hairstylist in Chennai? Want to badly try one!! Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Preethi.. Lalith has left but the other stylist is great with curly hair!! 2 other Curlies went and liked the cut. Sorry I dunno the name, though!!

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