How to Deep Condition Curly Hair Effectively?

Hope you have already read my post on basics of Deep Conditioning. Now comes another main part of deep conditioning curly or wavy hair!!

How to Deep Condition Effectively?

Apart from the effective time to keep it on, deep conditioning treatments can be made very effective by adding some heat to the deep conditioning process.

As per many resources, deep conditioning treatments work best on hair at about 35 degree Celsius. Which is pretty much near our normal body temperature. So can be achieved pretty much easily.

Also, if you have low porosity (learn your porosity from here!) hair like me, then you totally need the aid of heat to deep condition efficiently. Otherwise, the product will just sit on top of your hair and not give the added  moisture or strength.


How I apply the hair mask:

  1. Wash my hair thoroughly.
  2. Squeeze out excess water from hair.
  3. Divide hair into small sections.
  4. Apply the deep conditioning hair mask from root to tips evenly.
  5. Make sure all sections are well covered with the mask.


Ways to apply warmth while deep conditioning:

  • Put on a shower cap or a plastic cover over my head after applying the hair mask.
    • I either just put all my hair into the cap/cover just like that or make a top knot and clip it…and then put on the cap as shown in below.
    • Keep it on for 30 minutes while I go about doing my chores
    • Then rinse it out

For the Chennai heat, adding the shower cap traps the body heat and provides the much needed warmth for the deep conditioner ingredients to seep in or get adsorbed into the hair.

Curly Hair Deep Conditioning Basics India, how to deep condition curly hair


  • After you put on the Shower Cap/Plastic Cover, use a blow dryer to blow low heat over the shower cap for 20 mins. Try and apply heat from all directions so that the heat is even on all sides.  

The Hair Dryer I have is this one: Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer

Curly Hair Deep Conditioning Basics India, how to deep condition curly hair


  • Well, the previous method does work well, but I sometimes get too lazy to hold the dryer so I use this soft bonnet dryer attachment with my blow dryer to keep the warmth on 😉 (Mannnn… the funny pics of mine that I put on blog!! *Sigh*)

I was really not gonna post this pic!! Well, atleast you got a good laugh, didn’t you?! 😉

Curly Hair Deep Conditioning Basics India

I know I will get questions on this attachment….I got this almost an year ago from Amazon for around Rs. 350.. Now all the similar ones available at Amazon are 1500+!! Not worth that much!! Really!!

Still you can check one out here: Portable Soft Bonnet Blow Dryer Attachment


  • Another wonderful way is to workout with the hair mask on your hair. The body heat generated during exercising will totally accelerate the deep conditioning process. Put on the shower cap if you work out at home. If at the gym then just put hair in a ponytail or a bun.


  • Wrapping a warm towel round the hair. This works superbly. I do not have photos for this. But you can simply dip your towel in warm water. Squeeze out the excess water and wrap the towel around your head (after applying the mask). I usually do this when I am doing a hot oil treatment. I re-dip the towel in warm water after some 10 mins when I feel the towel is loosing the warmth. You can totally feel the difference with this method when you use your oils.

I have mentioned my Fav deep conditioning masks in this post.

Hope this helps!!

So, what’s your favourite way to deep condition? Did these tips help you? Share your experience with us!!

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