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You would want to start here…I am linking blogs based on their categories 🙂 There are still many more to make to this list…and manyyyy more that are yet to make to my blog!! Will be updating this page and Curlacious both sooooooonnn!! 🙂 For any feedback, comment, query, review or help, feel free to join the Forum and spread the #CurlLove!!! 🙂


Hair Care Posts:


Determine your Hair Properties:


Curly/Wavy Hair Basics:


List of Product available in India – for Dry/Frizzy/Curly/Wavy Hair:


Curly or Wavy Hair Product Reviews (India) – Many more to be updated


How to Maintain/refresh curly or wavy hair on non-wash days:


Super Awesome DIYs!!


DIY Hair Packs:


DIY Mild Shampoo:


DIY Additional Uses of Curly/Wavy Hair Products: