Devacurl Low Poo Delight Shampoo Review

Finally, I am reviewing the Devcurl Low Poo Delight Shampoo. If you have read this post of mine, you would already know that I bought a lot of Devacurl products recently. I thought of using them late but just couldn’t wait. so started with the Low Poo, One Condition & Ultra defining gel.


Here goes my review for the very first Devacurl product.



It is CG friendly. Does not contain sulfates, silicones or parabens.

Devacurl Low Poo Delight Ingredients_Review_Curlacious_India



$44 for 32oz bottle.



At Amazon in India. Buy it here: DevaCurl Low-Poo Delight, 12 oz.

And devacurl official website from the US.

I got mine from the Devacurl website and a relative brought it home to me.

If you have relatives coming down from the US, I would highly recommend you to get Devacurl products..especially from their official website or authorized retailers.

Devacurl Low Poo Delight Review_Curlacious_India1



It has a slightly yellowish semi-liquid, actually, liquidated gel like consistency. I was mildly surprised to see that it didn’t have that perfectly smooth consistency that shampoos usually have.

However, the consistency is very easy to work with. it spreads easily and evenly.



Mine is a 32Oz bottle.It is a huge cylindrical plastic bottle with a pump dispenser.  the bottle is translucent and we can see the quantity remaining in the bottle.



Smells so fresh and lemony. The fragrance is so very soothing.

But it does have a strong fragrance. However, it does not linger on the hair after wash.

Devacurl Low Poo Delight Dispenser_Packaging Review_Curlacious_India


Usage and Experience:

The Devacurl Low poo Delight is meant for wavy haired people. Even the bottle and the description say the same. ~~weightless waves – – mild cleanser. Both of these claims are true.

It gives hair a lot of weightless bounce and is very mild on the hair as well as scalp.

The consistency is very different from all other shampoos that I have used till date.

Very little of this shampoo is enough for one wash.

It does lather mildly, yet is gentle on the hair and scalp.

This did not cause any flaking or itching to my scalp.

Neither did it dry out my hair. There were days when I had used only the shampoo and had skipped the conditioner and styler and my hair still felt soft and moisturized.

I liked using it in Chennai, Bangalore as well as Madurai. So it works fine for humid, dry as well as cold climate (without flaking or drying!).

Also works great in hard water as well as normal one.

This has become my go-to shampoo in the recent days.

Usage wise the shampoo is very light and very easy to use. Spreads easily and lathers mildly. Kind of has a perfect balance of the feel of a shampoo and not being moisture-stripping at all.

Removes oils effectively. If I pre-poo my hair with a lot of oil and shampoo using this, maximum twice, all the oil is removed and hair feels fresh.

It also works well with all conditioners and also removes all stylers efficiently. Event the heaviest hair creams are removed by this shampoo.

When I am not really sure of my wash day product line up, I mostly grab this as the shampoo.

Devacurl Low Poo Delight shampoo Review_Curlacious_India


Are there any cons?

Yes!! The price and availability in India!! That is probably the only con that I can find in this shampoo. The price is quite steep when we order it from India. However, if you can get this through someone in the US, the price doesn’t feel that steep compared to certain higher end hair products.


Overall Verdict:

This is surely a very good shampoo for people who want to use mild shampoo which is sulfate as well as silicone free. Sometimes at the pretext of being sulfate free, brands sell us harsh shampoos…however this one is not like that. This product is a good investment for wavy haired people, people who sweat a lot and for people who live in humid conditions. It will also suit curlies just as much. However, if you are someone who likes exclusively cowashing  your hair, then this might not be for you. Con for me is the price at which we get it in India. If you find the pricing affordable, you can go for this shampoo. If you find the pricing steep, then you can totally go for the Giovanni Shampoos.


Have you tried any of the Devacurl Shampoos?

Would love to hear from you. Please do leave a comment.