DIY Coconut Milk Hair Mask – How to Make and Use!!

Coconut Milk is one of Mother Nature’s most nourishing gifts for the hair as well as the tummy. If you have ever had an insight into South Indian Kitchen recipes and menus, you would know that coconut and coconut milk is an essential part of our lives (and kitchen, mostly!!). I use coconut so much that it is very rare that I do not have coconut stocked at home. I use it mostly in cooking. But now have added it to hair care. It is cheap, easy to make (or buy) and very easy to use. It has so much of benefit for skin, hair as well as health in general.


Nutritional Value:

Read all about the nutritional value and health benefits of Coconut milk here:

Coconut Milk is rich in saturated fats and has a small amount of proteins and many vitamins and minerals. This makes it ideal for external use on hair too!! Of course, the best it to consume it….but if you want instant gorgeous hair, this is an awesome and easy DIY ingredient to go for.


How to make Coconut Milk – Step wise with pics:

  • Cut the coconut into small pieces as shown in the above pic. I use this tool to cut the pieces:

Any guesses on what this really is?? is a pedal base. And no, I did not reuse a cycle pedal…..we get these in local kitchenware shops. This makes the “breaking and cutting (is that the word?) coconut ” so easy.

DIY hair mask_Coconut breaker_Curlacious

  • Put these pieces in a blender. Give one quick pulse so that the pieces are a bit grated. Then add 2 glasses of water. Blend for 3-4 minutes or till you see that the water has thickened ans has become opaque white.

DIY hair mask_Coconut Milk_Basics_Curlacious_how to


  • Filter the coconut milk using a strainer.

DIY hair mask_Coconut Milk_Basics_Curlacious_how to


  • Once strained, squeeze the grated coconut to squeeze out all the Coconut milk.

DIY hair mask_Coconut Milk_Basics_Curlacious_


  • You can surely use this directly for the hair. The very first 2 glasses of coconut milk is usually very thick.  I use this mostly for cooking. So, for a lighter version, I put the squeezed out grated coconut back into the blender. Add 2 more glasses of water and blend well. The coconut milk would be lighter in consistency than the first one. This works wonderfully for my hair. If you have high porosity hair, you might like the thicker version too. Since mine is low porosity, I prefer lighter version. Ideally, I would recommend to start with lighter version and then shift to thicker version.

DIY hair mask_Coconut Milk_Basics_Curlacious_filteres


If you do not wanna go through this whole process of making coconut milk, you can simply buy it from your local supermarkets or from Amazon here:


How to store coconut milk:

Excess of Coconut Milk can be stored in fridge in an airtight container. On day 2 (3, 4 etc.), it forms a thin layer on top. I like to whisk it once and filter again to reuse. It stays good in the fridge for about a week.

I like to put it in a spray bottle and shove it in the refrigerator for quick refresh use.


Benefits of Coconut Milk for Hair:


How to use:

With coconut milk, I do not restrict myself much. I use it before shampoo, after shampoo, as a deep conditioner (mostly), as a rinse off conditioner (sometimes) and been experimenting as a refresher too.

But most of the times, I apply it on wet to damn hair after shampoo. Just how I apply my deep conditioners effectively.

How I apply is this as a combo of detangler, deep conditioner and a scalp massage blend:

  • On freshly shampooed hair, start by applying on the lengths..from tips to roots.
  • While appling, detangle hair…coconut milk has alot of slip and is a very effective.
  • Now that all hair is detangled and covered with coconut milk, apply it on the scalp and massage well. (Detangling first and then massaging scalp feels better…if we massage first, hair gets more tangled and we get more breakage.)
  • If u have excess coconut milk, you can again cover entire hair.
  • Put in a bun or section and twist each section into two strand coils or braid hair
  • Put on a shower cap or plastic cover or a warm towel covering all the strands.
  • Apply heat from a dryer or wrap a warm towel for increased penetration and conditioning.
  • Let it be on for 30 mins and rinse off.

Also, sometimes, when I do not have time to deep condition, I apply it as a conditioner in shower:

  • I apply it as a pre-poo and detangle hair.
  • Then shampoo and after the shampoo, I apply the coconut milk again as a conditioner.
  • Scrunch it in with added water and let it sit for sometime. Then rinse it off.
  • I do not rinse it completely. Let some be on the hair.
  • If I rinse it off completely, I follow up with a conditioner as a leave-in.
  • And then my styler.
  • Usually I prefer a gel post this and not thick cream, since it might become greasy and weigh hair down.

For refreshing hair, what I do is:

  • Use the lighter and diluted version of the coconut milk.
  • Put it in a spray bottle and store in the fridge
  • While using, I shake the bottle and mist it over my hair when I want to refresh my hair
  • Then smooth it on and scrunch my hair.
  • If needed, I reapply a gel (only if needed)
  • Plop my hair and then airdry or diffuse.


If you cannot use it daily, I would suggest you to add it as a DIY Deep conditioning mask in your hair care routine. You will be amazed by how much luster and strength this adds to your hair.


Coconut Milk DIY hair mask recipes:

It can be used as a stand alone product or mixed with different ingredients for added benefit. Here are few options:

Coconut Milk plus Honey

  • Honey – 1 teaspoon
  • Coconut milk – 1 glass
  • Whisk it well
  • Apply as a Deep Conditioning (DC) mask

Coconut Milk plus Fresh Aloe Gel

  • Coconut milk – 1 glass
  • Fresh Aloe juice – 1/2 glass
  • Whisk and apply as DC

Coconut Milk plus Curd

  • Coconut milk – 1 cup
  • Curd/Yogurt – 1/4 cup
  • Blend the yougurt separately first
  • Then add to the coconut milk
  • Whisk well and apply as DC
  • This would be a very thick and heavy pack, so use this only if your hair can take it well

Coconut milk plus oils (carrier and essential oils)

  • Coconut milk – 1 glass
  • Any Carrier oil – 1 teaspoon (olive oil, jojoba oil etc.). you can skip this too and use only Essential Oil
  • Tea tree oil – 5 drops (or any EO that you have)
  • Whisk and apply as a DC or detangler or scalp massage blend

Coconut milk plus banana pack:

Coconut milk plus Lemon:

  • Coconut Milk: 1 glass
  • Lemon juice – 2 tablespoon/half a lemon
  • Mix together and let it sit for one hour
  • Coconut milk will thicken as it ferments.
  • Apply on freshly washed hair
  • Put on shower cap and leave for 30mins-1hour
  • Rinse off and style as usual

In fact, you can always mix your own blends using coconut milk as per your hair’s liking.


Additional Tips:

  • Coconut milk is good for skin too. In your face packs, add this instead of water.
  • You can just mist in on your face too. The way we use rose water. I use this as a pre-wash before my face wash.
  • Apply it lightly on face and body at night…instead of your moisturizer.
  • Remember the squeezed out grated coconut at step 4? You can use that as a body scrub. Skip your shower gel or soap and use this as a body scrub. Gives such soft, supple and moisturized skin!! (and a messy bathroom of course!! :-p)
  • Coconut milk is perfect for kids. Many mommies whom I know, do not want to use cosmetic conditioners for their kids. For them, this is the best alternative. simple and easy.


If you do not have the option of making the coconut milk at home, you can always grab the ready to use ones from near by stores or online sites like Amazon. Here is the Dabur one for you:

That’s it for today. Hope you will try the coconut milk pack and share your feedback with me! 🙂  Orrrr have you already added this to your hair care? Tell me all about it??

10 thoughts on “DIY Coconut Milk Hair Mask – How to Make and Use!!

  1. Great idea Divya! Definitely doable. And your line “Coconut milk is perfect for kids. Many mommies whom I know, do not want to use cosmetic conditioners for their kids. For them, this is the best alternative. simple and easy.” Now that is deal clincher for me. Will definitely try.
    And BTW, I have had some very good experience at BBlunt Khader Nawaz Khan Road and I’ve been wanting to share it with you. Will do soon.

    1. Oh wow!! That’s Awesome, Priya!! Do try and lemme know!! :):)

      you had a cut at BBlunt Khader Nawaz Khan Road!!!! That’s where I am gonna go next!!! How was it?? very good, haannn?? Tell me all about it!! Can’t wait to know!!! <3

      1. Celine did the cut for me. The cut was excellent. Of course she kept chey-chey-ing about the dryness. I ignored it. LOL! But strangely it didn’t grow out very well. One part was too short and the back was too long. My mistake I think. I later realised that I must give very precise instructions with confidence. Also be careful about the cost. Keep asking (I had emailed you pics. Did you see them?). Last week I tried Bounce. As expected the senior stylist (Mani) was clueless about the CG Method but at least knew his way around curly hair. He even suggested that I don’t keep reducing the volume often. One of the best hairstylists I ever knew were Philip Abrew at Style Mantra and Dinesh at Toni and Guy, Anna Nagar. Don’t know where they are now.

        1. Oh that’s not good. Uneven growth means the but was not even! Was it even immediately after cut? When you styled it yourself, I mean!

          Bounce is good. Really. They surely don’t know the CG method but atleast they don’t destroy the curls.

          Oh can you not hunt for these 2 stylists and find them?! 🙁

          1. I realised as soon as I got home. I thought it was supposed to be asymmetrical! LOL *facepalm*

            One stylist went back home to Srilanka. The other one, Let’s hunt for him. 🙂

          2. hahaha!! hmm I get that!! but so disheartening na 🙁 I wish more hair stylists are more considerate of curly hair….

            oh one went back home, is it?! hope the other one is still around and we find him soooonnnn!!! 🙂

  2. Hi! I’ve done a coconut milk pre-poo before. I used the coconut milk by Phalada Pure & Sure. Love the coconut and castor oils by Pure & Sure too. It’s a protein treatment, hence hardens the hair. A curlie would do better to condition and moisturize her hair well after the treatment.

    1. Coconut Milk is not really that strong a protein treatment. Most curlies can do without following up with DC but with just a usual Leave-in. But if with one use you feel that your hair is hardening, you with either need to dilute your coconut milk or use a hair mask post use.

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