DIY Hair Protein Treatment & Deep Conditioning Mask – Avocado + Oil

Protein treatments for the Hair must be an essential part of your hair care routine. Not only for wavy and curly hair but also for straight hair. If you wanna start with why you need protein treatment for your hair, then you should read this post first.

Now protein treatments are mostly not veg ingredients….So this one that I am mentioning is  not a very strong protein treatment but useful for vegetarians.Plus has good moisturizing effects and hence doubles up as a protein plus deep conditioning treaetment!!

Andddd…..The super good protein-packed veg ingredient is……Avocado!!!!

Avodcado or Butterfruit is a power packed ingredient for our hair protein treatment. It contains 18 amino acids and Omega-3 fatty acids. It is also choke full of proteins and minerals. You can read about its nutrient content here:  All of these are super good for our hair and helps to combat hair damage and strengthens our hair strands which prevents further damage and breakage.

Now to the DIY recipe for protein treatment using Avocado.
It is as simple as blending one avocado and applying it on our hair and leaving it on for about 20 – 30mins and rinsing off.

However, since we are going to be leaving it on for such a long time, why not add ingredients that condition our hair along with this protein treatment.

Sooo… here is another recipe which is simple and highly effective.


Avocado – 1
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 2 table spoons
Virgin Coconut Oil – 2 table spoons
Water – as required
Milk – as required
(Milk or water is needed to adjust the consistency of the final paste to make it easy to spread on your hair)


Cut the avocado into two. Scoop out the fruit into a blender. Add a little water/milk and blend it into a smooth paste. Add the oil and blend it again.

Apply it on hair evenly throughout. Make sure that all strands are covered with the mask.

(Optional) Wrap a warm towel around your head. This step is optional, however it is better to apply warmth via this method. The warmth opens up the cuticles and helps the proteins in being soaked up into the hair. If you have low porosity, then this step is a must!

Keep it on for atleast 20 minutes. I usually keep it on for 30 mins or more.

Rinse it off and condition as usual. Leave in conditioner on your hair for sure.



Protein treatments usually dry out our hair so following this up with a deep conditioning treatment is recommended. However, as we have added oil in our protein mask, it can be followed up with proper conditioning in shower and leaving on more conditioner post rinse-off. (also, Avocado is not exactly a ‘very’ strong protein treatment that hardens your hair!)

You can also add other ingredients onto this DIY protein pack. For e.g, you can add 1/2 banana to this mix while blending. You can add 1 table spoon each of both the oils, our usual silicone-free conditioner can also be added instead of the oil.

Start with this recipe and tweak it based on the results that you are looking for and also on your hair type and requirements.


Alternate recipes using Avocado:

Recipe 1

Avocado – 1

Yogurt – 1/2 cup


Recipe 2

Avocado – 1

Banana – 1/2

Milk – as required to make a paste


Recipe 3

Avocado – 1

Silicone-free conditioner – 2 table spoon


Do try out one of these recipes for maintaining your gorgeous locks. If you try this then please do drop your comments and feedback in the comments section below. 🙂

3 thoughts on “DIY Hair Protein Treatment & Deep Conditioning Mask – Avocado + Oil

    1. It is usually not needed, Rita… you can just rub of with your usual silicone free conditioner….it will be fine…

      Do try once and if after that you feel sticky, then may be u can very mildly shampoo…

      for me, usually I apply this pack on freshly shampooed hair and then follow up with conditioner.. 🙂

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