Do’s and Don’ts of Transitioning from Relaxed/Damaged to Natural Hair

In continuation to the basic hair care regimen of Transitioning I posted earlier, I am writing the basic Do’s and Don’t to follow while you are transitioning. Hope it helps! πŸ™‚


Currently transitioning from Heat damaged to natural hair myself, I know the struggle and I am totally aware of the highs and lows of the journey. So, I am sharing few pointers to keep in mind while you are transitioning.


Let’s start with the Do’s:

Do have a consistent hair care and hair wash regimen. While starting on transition to natural hair, do fix a hair care and hair wash regimen and stick to it. Decide what type of products wanna use, select few initial products and then start with a consistent regimen.


Do deep condition as often as possible: Deep conditioning is the key!. Our hair is ever thirsty for more and more moisture and needs a lot of conditioning. When we are transitioning, our hair is in dire need of excessive moisture. Deep conditioning is that one thing that revives our hair quicker than anything else. Daily usage of rinse off conditioners and rinse-off conditioners is not enough. Deep conditioning should be done weekly once at the least!!

There are DIY options like these: Banana Pack, Egg Pack, Avocado Pack, Using Conditioner. Or Store bought options like theΒ Matrix Biolage Hair Mask, or many other listed here


Do a protein treatment every month at the least: While transitioning from heat damaged or relaxed hair, it is best to do protein treatment for your hair. It helps in restoring the lost protein and filling the damaged parts and giving hair strength. It is a mandatory step to do while transitioning coz our hair is prone to a lot of breakage.

Here is a DIY gelatin protein pack.


Do have a go-to hairstyle for your transitioning hair for those not-on-fleek hair days. We all need this.

Here are few hairstyle ideas.


Do have a CurlFriend – friend, relative or a Curly Blogger (like me!!) infact, anyone who understands and supports you in your curly hair journey. I am lucky to have family as well as friends who support all my crazy decisions so this one was rather easy for them to support!! πŸ˜€


Let’s jump on to the don’t’s now, shall we?

Don’t expect overnight results. Transitioning is a slow process. It takes months to get to see your natural hair and pattern. Β So be patient.


Don’t flat iron or blow dry or use heat on your hair.Β If you have relaxed hair, once your natural hair grows out, the difference in the texture might be striking and we might be tempted to flat iron those to match rest of our hair. I would suggest not to do that coz we are looking for healthy natural hair. Frequent flat ironing or blow drying might damage hair.


Don’t get dejected or too caught up in others’ comments. Many people just don’t understand your decision of embracing your natural hair. Ignore them. Period.


Don’t expect someone else’s curls . Everyone’s hair journey and hair pattern is different and unique to themselves. Compare with someone else only to feel motivated and don’t get dejected coz your curls don’t look like someone else’s hair!! love your own hair!!


Hope it helps!!

Comment down below if you are transitioning!!! Share your tips and tricks and experiences… even better….mail me in detail!!! πŸ™‚






3 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts of Transitioning from Relaxed/Damaged to Natural Hair

  1. Hai divya
    I am Meena from Tamil Nadu. I recently aware of CG methods. I were tired of frizzy hair, i chemically straightened my hair for my marriage on May,2018. Also i m pregnant now. I came across cg method and started following it. But i cant find how my hair is reacting to it. And i cant cut my hair till baby arrives ( traditional advice:( ).

    My hair care routine:
    Oil my scalp few hour before shampoo
    Shampoo with giovanni shampoo
    Condition with enliven conditioner
    Schwartz taft gel( mostly i avoid tis part)
    Plop for 15 mins
    Air dry

    I am not interested in using styling product lik leav in or gels because i am always indoor. Usually put a bun hairstyle.

    Can u give suggestions in my case.
    1. I cannot see any clumps visibily after washing
    My crown area is curly and frizzy and ends are straight because of straightening.
    2. Should i follow cg method fully lik using gels or leav-in regularly though i m not moving out of home?
    3. During pregnancy whether hair behave differently?

    Can u suggest hair care routine during this phase of my hair( include pregnancy and transition).

    Sorry for the long text. I mailed u the same few days before.

    Eagerly waiting for your reply.
    Thank u.

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