How to Dry Curly/Wavy Hair Faster!

When we have naturally curly or wavy hair, faster ways to dry hair is what we look for. Especially when we are rushing to office and are gonna wash hair in the morning. The drying part is what bothers the most!! So much that we change our schedules based on wash days.

Soooooooooo here are very simple ways that can fasten the drying process.

  • Wash hair first: If you are washing your hair in the morning. then make sure that taking shower is the first thing you do once you are out of bed. I have this tendency of freshening up and hitting the kitchen to cook (or eat!) but…. it is always better to wash you hair and then go about your morning work. It gives your hair extra time to dry!! Additional tip, I rinse off and style my hair first, while in shower, plop it into a t-shirt and only then complete rest of my bath routine. drying time cut by many minutes right there!!


  • Scrunch out maximum water from hair: While applying your products or after you are done, squeeze out as much water as you can from your hair. You can even use a plain cotton t-shirt to do this. it totally enhances your curl pattern too!! I squeeze out water with my hands firs then follow up with t-shirt scrunching and then I go to the next  point!


  • Plop your hairPlopping is the most simple yet effective way to dry hair. Here is a tutorial on how to plop. And not just plopping… What I do is I Double or Triple Plop, i.e. I keep 2-3 t-shirts handy and keep changing the t-shirts once the first one feels damp. this increases the absorption of water by the plop and fastens the drying time!!


How to Dry Curly Wavy Hair faster_India_Curlacious


  • Diffuse: this is what everyone tells us. But ya that is an effectively fast way to dry your hair faster. 🙂 Take out that dryer and diffuse away. My tip is to diffuse your hair after ploppling for sometime.. Dries much faster than when u start with very wet hair.

By the way, the dryer I have is this from Wahl and you can buy it here Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer(from Amazon) or Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer (From Flipkart).

How to Dry Curly Wavy Hair India_Curlacious


  • Use Hooded Bonnet Dryer: If you have read my post on deep conditioning, you would know that I have this Hooded Bonnet Dryer Attachment. I use it to dry my hair at all times. I work from home. By the time I settle down sand start work, I don’t really feel like spending 20-30mins on diffusing. So, I pull this Bonnet over my head and attach my dryer and continue my work while my hair dries. 🙂

Curly Hair Deep Conditioning Basics India


  • Clip the roots: This is another way I learnt with experience. we all have heard of the tip to clip roots for volume. Butttttttttttt we can clip our roots for faster drying too. I have noticed that Hair at my roots and my scalp take ages to dry. So what I do is, grab sections of hair at roots, Lift them a little at the roots and put the clip on!! Without disturbing the curls, and try to pick curls that are already clumped together. The clips need not be just duckbill clips(those are better coz will not pull or tug on hair)….I use my usual hair clutchers.. This clipping helps in air flow to the scalp and faster drying!!


  • Wash your hair at night:  Well this is not really a tip for faster drying. However, if it suits you then you can wash your hair at night, apply all your products, scrunch off water and plop it. either sleep with the plop or lay your hair above your head over your satin/silk pillowcase and let it dry overnight. In the morning. Scrunch Out The Crunch (if any), refresh lightly and off you go!! Well, do this ONLY if you do not have Sinus or any other such related issues. Sleeping on wet or damp hair is not really a good idea. Once in a while would be fine. Make it a habit only if it works fine for  you and suits your health.


So!!!! which of these hair drying tips do you follow??? Do  you have any additional tip that you follow which helps with faster drying? Share in comments below….and I will add it to this post!!  🙂

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