DIY: Egg Hair Mask for Shiny, Strong and Bouncy Hair!

Hello Curlies!!

Have you ever woken up thinking its a weekend and are glad that you can spend whole day in your cozy bed? And then you realize…Sheesh!! It’s weekday and you are running late for work/college/school!!! Well, in my case it happens very often… 🙁 I wake up thinking it is a Sat/Sunday and end up feeling low till the morning tea kicks in and more and more work pours in!!

Anyhooo…..hoping that you did not face a dull start today, lets discuss hair and hair masks!! 

Till two weeks back, I was going for swimming classes.daily.for 12 days. (It is never too late to learn, you know!) Can you imagine what it did to my hair?? yeah well, I ended up with dry hair that looked flat and frizzy. So, in an attempt to revive my hair, I have been applying hair masks before every wash and it is making heaven of a difference to my hair.

The first hair pack that I applied was an Egg Hair Mask. If you have read the Being Curlacious page, you might already know that I am transitioning from heat damaged hair to my natural hair. I have ends that are flatter, damaged and eternally frizzy!! Add some daily dose of chlorine water and  you can imagine what it would look like.


So, after clarifying my hair(more on it in a later post), I whipped up a very simple egg mask to strengthen my hair.


  • Egg – 1 whole
  • Curd – 1 cup
  • Oil – 1 tea spoon (any)

This is a very basic mask, you can upgrade this hair mask by adding up various other ingredients. I will mention few more recipes at the end.


  • Whip all the ingredients together in a bowl till you get a nice runny consistency.
  • Dampen hair and section hair into small small sections.
  • Standing over washbasin or in the washroom, apply the the above whisked hair pack evenly on each section. Making sure that all strands get coated.
  • Put on a shower cap or wrap a plastic cover over hair.
  • If you have low porosity hair, Wrap a warm towel over the shower cap. This will provide added warmth and help in opening up the cuticles and the effects of the hair mask to sweep in!! As the towel gets colder after few mins, I dip it again in fresh warm water and wrap again over the shower cap. I keep the warm towel wrapped for about 20-30mins. After that I remove the towel and the shower cap, if there is no dripping issue, since it gets too hot here. I squeeze out any excess dripping hair pack and let the pack be on for 39 more mins. The egg pack tends to dry and harden on hair.
  • If you have high porosity hair, you can totally skip the warm towel wrapping step.
  • After around 40-60mins, rinse out the hair pack with normal water. Do not use hot or warm water since it might fry the egg and form sticky difficult to remove lumps in your hair!! 😛
  • I usually let water saturate my hair then start massaging at the temples slowly moving towards the nape and then rinse out from the lengths.
  • Follow it up with your sulfate free shampoo.
  • Then detangle and condition your hair with your usual silicone-free conditioner.
  • Leave-in a good amount of conditioner in hair
  • Style as usual (using gel/mousse).Done!! 🙂


Egg is a rich source of protein and fat. Both of which have incredible effects on our hair. For hair growth, it is best to consume eggs orally 😉  on a regular basis. But for strong, shiny and healthy hair, all it takes is one egg hair mask!! Hehe…

The protein in egg binds to our strands and provide strength and prevents breakage. The fats and the protein also coat our hair and make them healthy & shine. Hair feels more bouncy and refreshed. In damaged hair, egg proteins bind to the damaged portions and counter the brittleness of hair.

If your hair is usually dry, you can amp up the quantity of oil in the mask. Few more recipes including egg is provided below.

Recipe 1:

Egg – 1 whole egg
Banana – 1/2
Silicone-free conditioner – 1 tablespoon or more
Oil (Any) – 1 teaspoon

Recipe 2:

Egg – 1 whole
Oil – 1 tablespoon
Essential oil – few drops

Recipe 3:

Egg -1 whole

Avocado – 1/2

Oil – 1 teaspoon

Curd – 1/2 Cup


You can mix any kitchen ingredients that you think will benefit hair!!


At last, I wanted to mention the HUGE debate regarding Egg protein mask that I had mentioned in this post. Many in the natural hair community debate that the protein in egg are not hydrolized and hence not small enough to bind to hair and do not give any benefit to hair. And then there are those who swear by egg mask. BUT having used egg personally for hair (since my childhood!) I feel that it might differ from person to person. For me, egg mask provides strength, shine and bounce. So, before disregarding egg from your hair routine, I would suggest using egg mask atleast once and then decide. Irrespective of the scientific debate of egg protein being useful for hair or not, give it a try to see if you like it!

Also, protein treatments are usually drying for hair. So either follow it up with a deep conditioning treatment or add a lot of oil in the pack (depending on your hair porosity). If nit tjme to deep condition, add alot of conditioner and leave it all in. If after using egg mask and following up with deep conditioning treatment your hair feels dry, try using only egg yolk next time.

This hair mask is best for Dry, Damaged, Transitioning Hair and I personally am in love with it!! Just try it once or twice and let me know how your hair reacts to egg hair pack in comments below.

(In the pic: the yellow mix is when all ingredients were whipped together)



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