Few Tips for Your Mane This Holi!!

Holi is round the corner and we all are super excited!! Here in Chennai, holi is not played as..umm..intensively (that’s the word!)..as it is in Delhi.. I remember my childhood…Holi was probably one of the most fun festivals to celebrate!!

Water balloons…Gulaal…colours…buckets and buckets of water being splashed around… oh! those awesome gujiyasssss…….i miss all that!! 😀


Anyway, with the holi colours comes the pain of removing those colours off and the fear of sensitive skin and hair being affected!!


If you are one of those lucky ones who are having plans to play holi the real way (and not just while away time in front of the TV!) then be sure of following the below tips to keep your mane sane!! 😉

Here are few time tested tips that always do the trick:


  • Apply oil (coconut oil, olive oil or any oil that you usually use!) to your scalp and the entire length of your hair atleast 20-30mins prior to playing holi. This will saturate your hair and 1) prevent the chemical ladden water from being soaked up by your hair. 2) will help in washing off the colour and chemicals later.


  • Try and cover up your hair as much as possible… Simply wrapping a scarf or dupatta around your head when that  notorious friend of yours is near by can save your hair! If you wanna do it in style, try and wear a bandana. Don’t know how to? Here is how to tie bandana. (Take inspiration from Ranbir and Kalki in this pic! 😉 )
  • Do not use harsh chemicals!! And do not let your friends and families use harsh ones too…


  • After you are done playing, if you feel that your hair is full of colors and chemicals, Stand under the shower for 10 good minutes and let all the colour, products and chemicals be washed down by the water. Avoid the urge to shampoo immediately.
  • Once your hair is completely wet, massage your scalp well to loosen up and remove excess colour.
  • Now, clarify your hair with a sulfate containing shampoo. It will help remove all dirt, colour and chemicals from your hair.
  • Follow it up with your detangling session. That  is, detangle using fingers while your hair is socking wet with condition plus water. Once detangeled, run a wide tooth comb all through the hair.
  • Follow-up the clarifying wash and detangling with a deep conditioning treatment.
  • If you still feel that your hair is dry, oil your hair before hair wash the following week and keep for 20-30mins.
  • Then continue your usual hair care and wash routine on all the following days. Your hair will be back in form in no time!!

Follow these simple tips and you are good to go!! 🙂


Have a fabulous holi and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! 🙂


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