For Healthy Long Hair, Dust Your Hair! (Dust What?!! – Read on!!)

I love to keep my hair long! I love it so much that I transitioned veryyyyy slowly rather than doing a chop off of huge length! Even the last few inches of heat damaged hair I chopped in 2 cuts!! But you know what? If you ask me now, I would always suggest you to get rid of the damaged ends (if you have heat damaged or chemically straightened hair) as much as possible and as early as possible!!! That makes a huge difference to how you transition and how faster you transition.


Dusting your hair:

Dusting is basically the process of cutting off the very very ends of your hair, say about a centimeter or so.

When is it needed?

  • Dusting is needed when you need to prevent split ends before they happen.
  • When you want to keep your ends oxygenated and to prevent it from fraying.
  • When you start to see your ends drying out even after taking very good care of it (like even after deep conditioning frequently and having a consistent routine, etc.)
  • When you see single strand knots in your hair ends or split ends forming.

Suits best when:

  • You are looking to grow your hair long.
  • Want to keep hair healthy but not lose much length.
  • When you want to grow your hair long, not cutting your hair at all is usually the go-to way. However, that (most times) ends up in having ends that are not-so-healthy. and hair looks more nutrient-deficient rather than gorgeous.

How often to dust?

  • Dusting every 2-3 months is a good idea. This will prevent unhealthy looking ends and help achieve long as well as healthy hair.
  • Can also dust as and when you feel the need – start seeing any of the symptoms of “When is it needed?”
  • If at 3 months you feel that your hair is healthy and doesn’t need any dusting, do not do it! 🙂

Where can we get this done?

  • You can do it on your own. Going to a salon in India, almost always, means losing at least one good inch (at the very least!). So I prefer doing it myself.
  • If you find a hair stylist who would really listen to your needs and only dust the ends, then that is your best option.

What tools are needed?

  • A professional and very sharp hair shear.
  • DO NOT use any other scissors. it will fray and damage your hair.
  • DO NOT get ‘thinning” or ‘texturizing’ scissors.
  • Make sure that the shear is very sharp and made only to be used on hair.
  • Keep it specifically for your hair and do not use for anything else.
  • If you are getting it done at the salon, then all you need to do is to pay the bill! :-p

I have hair shear that looks like the one in the below link. You can have a look at the model and search either at shops or in amazon and then buy. I am not asking you to buy the below product blindly coz the reviews say that a different product gets delivered and it is not returnable. So, check out the model, search for a similar one and then buy.

How I do it?

  • On my wash day, once my hair is 100% dry, I divide it in two equal parts.
  • Put a band around one half and tuck it away
  • On the side I am starting on, I put all the hair at the back.
  • Start from the very first chunk of curl in the front.
  • Dust the least amount of hair.
  • Move to the next chunk of curl and cut approx the same amount of hair.
  • I hold the end of the curl between my forefinger and middle finger and then make a sharp and quick snip at the very end.
  • One curl clump at a time. Once dusted, move the curl to front.
  • Cover all the clumps.
  • Once one side is done, move to the other side.
  • Repeat the same.

Very important:

  • Do not cut drastic lengths. (BTW, that wouldn’t be call dusting!)
  • Make sure each chunk of curl is dusted off of the same length – this is to make sure that your hair is in the same shape as before dusting and you do not create any holes or gaps in your hair
  • Use only hair shears and ONLY for hair. Do not snip your hair with the stationary scissors. In that case, it would be better if you go to a salon and get this done.
  • Do not do this in a hurry. It takes me good 30-40 minutes to dust all of my hair. Make sure you have enough time and patience to do this.
  • Be very careful if you are doing it yourself coz hair shears are really sharp and you do not want to lose huge chunks of hair inadvertently.
  • If you are a bit clumsy or not too sure about doing it yourself, trust a professional 🙂 Or a family member or friend who gets what you need.


I am a bit too attached to my lengths so I delay my haircuts or trims as much as possible. So instead, I started dusting my ends. When you see your ends need a cut, but hair hasn’t grown as much or you aren’t ready for a whole cut yet, then the best solution is to Dust your ends.

Also, dusting is just a part of your long hair journey. It is also an optional part. I feel it helps in growing out healthier hair. But in addition to dusting, you need to follow the below pointers MORE IMORTANTLY!!

So, do you dust your hair? or would you like to give it a try? 


Would love to hear from you. Please do leave a comment.