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    Hi Divya and fellow curlies 🙂

    I’ve been looking forward to try out a hair gel. I’ve versatile 3a curls which are easily styled but I want my curls to last at least two days which seems impossible without a styling product.

    As for the gel I want a hard hold gel although crunchy hair after using the gel is not a problem for me infact I would love it because it will keep my hair styled.

    So, my questions are:

    1. Would enliven hair gel(hold power 5) or set wet vertical hold gel a good option for me? Are they string enough to hold hair for 2 days?

    2. What about flaxseed gel? How is the hold of it? Would it be a good option?

    I saw many articles about flaxseed gel on naturallycurly.com and their testimonials. But I am confused about the hold.

    Thank you!

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