Can I leave the shampoo altogether and just rely on the conditioner?

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    Hey, I am 19 and have got type 2 curly hair. It’s really dry and shampooing makes it even worse. Cowashing gives me really fantastic results. During the transition period from normal hair routine to the curly girl method I also used normal conditioners. Right now I am using Loreal paris smooth intense silk protein conditioner. So I am thinking of leaving the shampoo completely. I have few other doubts like after oiling my hair washing it with the conditioner only would be okay or not. And what would I do to clear out any gel or something which I might have applied if I don’t use shampoo.

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    Hey Vinay.. thanks for reaching out!!:)

    It is great that cowashing is working fantastically for you!!… In that case you can surely leave out the shampoo..

    When you oil your hair, you need to apply oil lightly and not in excess, it should be easily washed off with just a conditioner…

    Regarding washing off gels and styling products, you need to use silicone-free products which are easily washed off with cowashing… here is a list of products to choose from:

    Silicone-Free Hair Styling Products in India – Gels & Mousse

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