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    hiee,,i have just found u a couple of weeks back n now i am on curly hair method journey :).. first of all i think i have 2c-3a type but i am confused about this ..any help here?
    secondly as per suggested i am now using amway glossy repair shampoo n conditioner.i oil my hair twice a week,once a week do deep nourishing diy,basically my long cherished dream is to have long hair covering my back which are healthy too..kindly suggest me ways ,,oh i forgot i use serum n argan oil at ends yet normally they are dry..

    i have attached pic having first day n second day hair on right n left respectively..and second pic is after shampoo -damp hair …

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    Hey Supreet!

    First of all, your regimen sounds great. Be consistent with this and you would have awesome results.

    Second, can you please reattach the pics? It show’s upload error…guess due to pic size…I have increased the allowed size. Please attach again!

    Third, can you please add a pic of the Amway shampoo and conditioners..With a shot of the ingredients list? I have never really laid my hands on the conditioner so not sure.

    Fourth, which serum are you using? Coz most serums contain silicones. Argan oil sounds great. Which one, though?

    Fifth, hair growth should not be a problem if you follow a healthy and consistent regimen. 🙂 please read this thread for some points on hair growth:

    Once you reattach the pics. I will try to help you out with the curl pattern, if I can… 🙂

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    thnku so much for ur reply..i really appreciate giving me such detailed response ❤️..i will surely upload pics of hair+ shampoo n conditionrr. i am using two serums :-
    1) streax pro hair serum .
    ingredients : cyclomethicone,dimethiconol,light liquid paraffin,octyl methoxy cinnamate, iso propyl myristate,perfume,vitamin E & almond oil.

    2) livon moroccan silk serum
    ingredients :are not mentioned on bottle

    and argan oil i am using is from soulflower and yesterday got rosemarry essential oil from same company..

    after wash hair ,1st day hair is on right side and 2nd day on left side of pic

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    Hi Supreet….

    Thanks for sharing the pics…

    Your hair seems like a 2b-2c mix. 3a is usually a lot more tighter curls.

    Are you following a sulfate and silicone free regiment? Coz all the products that you are using contain silicones. Any ingredient ending with cone, col, xane, conol etc. is a silicone.

    The Amway Glossy repair shampoo I just researched a little more into the silicone present in it. I thought Dimethicone Copolymers are water soluble, but I looked in more and found out that this ingredient is water insoluble. I had incorrectly added it in my List of Sulfate-free Shampoos (this is sulfate free, but contains silicone so no point in using if curly hair routine is followed. I have removed it from list now.

    The conditioner and serum bo contains water insolube silicones too.If you are going silicone free, then you will have to change your shampoo, conditioner and serum.

    But the argan oil, rosemary oil are all fine and good for hair.

    If you do not mind using silicones then I think you are good to go. However, you might need a sulfate containing shampoo if you start to feel your hair weighed down or product build up.

    Continue deep conditioning and oiling…avoid heat and follow other advice fromt he link in above reply! It will help.. 🙂

    And for day 2 hair, I hope you have gone through this post to learn How to refresh!

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      hie divya,
      ohh i am sad to know about the glossy shampoo and conditioner..i will eventually replace them, but right now i can’t as i have just purchased them after viewing ur list of shampoo sulphate free …
      well can u tell me some good serums to use & i used the 2nd day curl refresh method but still my curl pattern becomes very loose n dont hold proper shape !!

      i actually want to completely go by ur method ,i mean curly hair method as this way i have seen my hair feel more lively 🙂

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        it was hard to find silicone free hair serum ,but i found two-
        The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing

        Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Hair Serum

        as u have more knowledge so kindly suggest me one good hair serum

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        Oh I am sooooo sorry about the shampoo… I actually misread the ingredient Dimethicone copolymer as Dimethicone Copolyol, which is water soluble… 🙁 I hopew you finish it off quickly and move to sulfate and silicone ones as soon as you can….

        Its nice to know that your hair feels more alive on going by curly hair routine…hope you get to hop on quickly!

        Regarding serums, actually almost all serums are load full of silicones. If you check out the ingredients of any serum, the first 2-3 ingredients would end with xane, conen or conol (for e.g. cyclopentsiloxane, dimethicone etc.) So if you are planning to silicone free on your hair, you should rather skip serums all together. Better use only Argan oil which you already have. We curly/wavy ahired girls need to accept that our hair doesn’t look “glossy” like straight hair. But if we can moisturise our hair well, then our curls would surely look drop dead gorgeous! 🙂

        Both Body shop and Frizz be gone have silicones. 🙁 It would not suit you if you go silicone and sulfate free…

        Rather, I have seen that this DIY egg pack gives me shiny hair: DIY Egg hair Pack

        If on day two, your hair feels very loose and frizzy.. spray conditioner plus water onto hair and make them damp…scrunch nicely so that the curls form….then apply your gel and scrunch again… do not touch until hair is fully dry. It should help. I too struggle with day 3 hair 🙂 but this helps….and remember…with curly hair, some frizz is normal and acceptable 🙂

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