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    Hi. I have wavy to curly hair. Might be something between 2C and 3A. I live in chennai . I have seen my hair thinning for past 6 months. And more hair fall in area straight above my eyebrows on both sides. I’m very much worried about it. I have gone through your blog and you are such a guide for starters.I would be glad if you also guide me regarding my problem of hair thinning and hair loss…..!

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    Hi Anitha!!

    Thank you for your kind words 🙂

    For hair fall, Let me break it down in points for you:

    1. Firstly try and establish the reason for hair fall. There can be various reasons – hormonal, stress, using heat tools, environmental reasons,insufficient sleep, hair care issues, Hair breakage etc.

    2. If you can rule out hormonal reasons, then focus on stopping any of the other reasons. For e.g., stop using heat tools, try and reduce stress, sleep atleast 7-8 hours at night etc.

    3. Then sit down and establish a proper hair care regimen. If you have curly/wavy hair, go through this post and form a hair wash routine.

    4. The above link is regarding, shampoo, conditioning and styling. Added to this start frequent deep conditioning treatments (to provide moisture and conditioning) and once a month protein treatments (improves strength). These two will improve the health of your hair in general

    5. Oil your hair regularly. Atleast once a week or even before each wash, if you can. And massage scalp regularly. Choose hair oil based on your hair type and personal preference!

    6. Taking supplements also helps a lot in hair growth. Also, if you feel that the hair fall is hormonal, surely consult a doctor. Even for a hair supplement, I suggest to consult a doctor. I am not qualified to prescribe or suggest medicines, I would rather leave it to the Specialized doctors. 🙂

    Since you are in Chennai, there is Dr. Anuj Singh of Ram Skin Clinic (Balaji Nagar, Adamnbakkam) whom I have personally consulted for hair and skin. He is so awesome that I myself have recommended him to all my friends and family who were looking for skin, hair or cosmetology clinic and each and everyone one of them gave positive feedback of seeing actual results 🙂

    7. In your case, since you have mentioned that the hair thinning is mainly from the hairline directly above the eyebrows, One more thing that I can think of is tying up hair very tightly…which pulls at the hairline constantly. Like tying in a very tight ponytail or combing hair back vigorously and putting on a clutch daily. The constant pulling an tugging will surely cause hair to recede and thin at the hairline 🙁 If you have been doing this, stop it immediately! Let your hair relax and breathe.

    8. Massage (with or without oil) either entire scalp or the areas that are thinning out. Just a quick 1 minute massage daily before bed or/and after waking up will help blood flow to scalp and increase hair growth.

    9. Love your hair!! 🙂 A little Tender Love & Care (TLC as is called in curly hair community across globe) goes a long way!! 🙂

    You can also refer

    Another thing that I cannot emphasis enough is being consistent!! Whatever you follow for your hair, be consistent. Irrespective of doctor recommended regimen or self-formed one, consistency is the key!! Following for just a week or two will not help!! You can see actual results only after following for a month or more. In general 3 months is the time when you can see abundant results. But after 4 weeks or so you can easily judge the improvement yourself!! 🙂

    I am 100% sure that following a proper regimen and listening to your hair and following your instincts along with consistency will help you reduce hair fall and also improve the health of your hair.

    Hope this helps!!

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    Megha Rai

    Hi ma’am……Since my childhood days i just have a shoulder length curly hairs….i have tried many times to lengthen them….but sometimes they just dont grow…and when they does they become so thin and ruff at the down length….that i have to trimm them….please suggest something 🙁

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    Hi Megha!!

    Thanks for reaching out!!! Since your hair doesn’t seem to grow beyond a certain length, it doesn’t seem like hair fall issue. However, few points that I have mentioned above in response to Anitha’s query apply for growing hair too. So, do go through and establish a proper hair care regimen that you can follow consistently.

    Below are few points that affect the length of hair:

    1) Hair breakage:: this is one of the major reasons that doesn’t let hair grow beyond some level. Various reasons contribute to hair breakage. Brittle or weak hair caused due to improper hair regimens or dryness. To make hair strong, you should do Protein treatments (not the salon ones. DIY ones) as well as Deep Conditioning treatments. Good balance of protein-moisture makes hair strong and healthy. Helps in growing long. If hair is dry (mostly curly hair is so due to lack of moisture and use of harsh chemicals), it becomes brittle and weak over time and breaks. It cannot manage day to day wear and tear and breaks

    2) Too much tension applied to hair: tight braids, tight ponytails, harsh combing or brushing causes hair to break in bunches. I had this issue. whenever I used to brush my hair wishing it to get “tamed”, I could see zillions of hair on the floor.. I misunderstood that as hair fall then I realized that it was hair breakage and not hair fall. It made my hair look so thin and frayed at ends. My hair grew better and more evenly once i stopped the vigorous hair brushing.

    3) Trims: now this is tricky…some people thing that every 2nd or 3rd month we need to trim. But if we trim that often, we basically cut off the length that grew long in that period of time…how will our hair grow long if we keep trimming it? Best time to trim is only when your ends are either splitting (consider just cutting the splits rather than going short) or ends are looking frayed. If hair looks healthy, no need to trim. However, if ends are not healthy, hair won’t grow long. so decide on trims based on your hair’s condition and make sure to trim the minimum length possible.

    4) Genetic: sometimes, the growth period of hair is predetermined by our ‘hair’ genes…which in turn affects the maximum length that out hair can reach.

    To sum up, what you need to be doing is:

    1. Protein treatment to make hair strong. do one immediately. and next after 1 or 2 months Gelatin, Egg,

    2 . Deep conditioning treatments to moisturize hair using various packs banana, avocado, conditioners, oils etc. Do as often as you can.

    3. Do not tie hair very tightly…even if you tie, make sure that it doesn’t pull your hair too much…do not use tight bands or frayed hair accessories that pull, tug or break hair (like tic-tacs, bobby pins, hair bands etc that are broken or are frayed)

    4. Keep hair moisturized between washed by refreshing using conditioner.

    5. Do not brush harshly.

    6. If required, take supplements meant for hair growth. Otherwise, atleast, add loads of protein in your diet and drink loads of water.

    It sounds so simple, but believe me, if you follow these little-little changes consistently , you can surely see your hair growing… 🙂

    Oh and also, shrinkage in our curly hair is another thing that doesn’t let us judge hair growth or length. So (if you have lots of spring in hair) when you start, pull down your hair and remember the length and then recheck after few months. There would be hair growth surely!!

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    Oh my!! I always seem to write long long replies!! But I cannot do justice to the response in fewer words…I am sorryyyy… hope you don’t mind!! 😀

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      Megha Rai

      Ohh come on ma’am…..that sounds so helping….i will try to bring these in routine….and if in case i reach out for problem…..right here i would be coming back for suggestions….thanks a tonne :-*

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        Sure, dear!! Reach out for anything and everything….anytime!! Would be glad to help out. Do set up a consistent regimen and let us know if it helped!! 🙂 Take care of yourself and your beautiful curls!! :-*

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      aadya jain

      Hii…i hv seen cg method now…m not able to understand my cuticles because i hv a regular trim in my hairs..moreover i want to ask can i use natural hair pack along with this method..should i comb my hair after my hair gets dry and how many times a week i shud do this method? please help

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    Hey Aadya…. sorry I was unable to answer earlier….I had replied yesterday but it somehow didn’t get uploaded here. 🙁

    By cuticles, do you mean porosity if hair??

    And natural hair packs are the best thing that you can do for your hair. Add anything and everything that you feel will moisturise your hair…oils, banana, avocado, curd, coconut milk etc.etc.

    And nooooo we do not brush or comb hair once it is dry. After shower, apply gel on wet hair by scrunching and then let it dry undisturbed. Once completely dry, you scrunch out any hard or crunchy feel. And we are done.

    Hope it helps 🙂 reach out if anything!!

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    Hello Everyone,
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    Sukanya Nair
    Sukanya Nair

    Hi Divya, I have 3b curls. I have severely damaged my hair by rebonding it 4 times in the past 5yrs and flat ironing it to death. Its terribly dry n frizzy. I did the big chop recently and cut off all the damaged weak ends. Now my hair is shoulder length. Haven’t used any heat tools in past 10months now. How do i prevent shrinkage of my curls once they dry? I use sulfate free shampoo n silicone free conditioner. I apply leave-in and then seal with sweet almond oil. But it shrinks a lot. I understand i have tighter curls but is there any way of styling them so they don’t shrink as much. The attached picture how much length i lose.
    Also pls share any homemade deep conditioning masks which may help me in restoring some of that lost moisture.

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      Hi Sukanya!!

      You have gorgeous curls!! 🙂 I can see there is a huge difference between the stretched and curly length!

      Your hair care routine sounds totally perfect! Other curlies can take points from the sealing with almond oil!!

      Me being a wavy-curly look for ways to make hair curlier and you having tighter curls are looking for stretched ones!! What an irony!! 😀 Anyway, it is simplest to style in natural pattern. But if you wanna try to stretch out the curls, can try two strand twists or 3 strand braids all over on wet hair after applying products and then airdry (or diffuse).
      Divide hair into thick sections while wet..apply your products and braid or twist each section from roots till ends and secure with a band at ends. Braids stay on easily than twists which tent to unravel. so you can pin them up across head… small sections give tighter curls and thick sections give looser curls. You can adjust section size by experimenting.
      But it can be really time consuming to follow this!! Alternately can style by using flexirods and there is something called ‘curlformers’ available in US (But not in India) to set your hair. Those give wavy kind of curls and stretch natural pattern. But then that too is time consuming. putting them on section wise and then letting hair dry. If you really want you can start by trying braids and twists.

      Another thing that can be done is to braid sections (damp or wet) at night and pin them across head and sleep on it and unravel in morning.

      You look so pretty with your natural curls. You should probably try and grow it out a little more may be then it will look a little longer?… I know how much we all crave for long long hair. but if your natural hair is healthy and awesome…then showing length should be secondary… just my thoughts 🙂 I have little looser curls and I am too lazy to try ways to tighten them…So, personally I find accepting natural pattern as easy and stress-free! 😀

      Below are links to few DIY deep conditioning:

      Avocado Hair Mask

      Banana Hair Mask

      If you don’t find anything else, apply curd alone and let it sit for 20 mins with shower cap

      Hope it helps! 🙂

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    Sukanya Nair
    Sukanya Nair

    Hello divya, i took your advice n took care of the natural pattern of my hair. My hair growth is so slow.
    Just a quick question. I have used giovanni smooth as silk shampoo n conditioner. Shampoo is good n doesn’t strip off natural oils from hair and the conditioner too has good amount of slip n detangles well but it isn’t as moisturising. The bottle is over so this time i wanted to try one of the other 2 conditioners they have. The root 66 max volume or the tea tree triple treat. Have you tried these? Which one should i go for? The reviews online are mixed n confusing. Also the avocado hair mask you suggested is amazing.(instead off milk i added a bit of coconut milk) Moisturises incredibly well. The pic below is after rinsing off the mask without any leave-in.
    What is your opinion of the shea moisture range of curly hair products? I have read great reviews online.

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      Hey Sukanya!

      It’s great that you are accepting your natural pattern and taking care of it!!

      Your hair looks awesome even without any leave in!! The Avocado hair mask is my favourite too! Glad that it worked for you!! 🙂

      Regarding the Giovanni conditioners, I have used root66 and smooth silk. I prefer smooth as silk a little more than root 66.both feel almost same juat smooth as silk is tad bit more conditioning. A friend used all 3. And triple tea tree is more on the lighter side in consistency as well as effect, as per her. But has a nice cooling effect and gives good day 2 hair! So if you really wna switch, you can try the triple tea tree one. But do expect it to be not as thick as smooth as silk.


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    Sukanya Nair
    Sukanya Nair

    Thank you so much for the advice !

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