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    I love my curly hair. But most of them are split. Even cutting doesnt help. How should I get rid of splits and grow my hair ? The split ends are sometimes in the end and sometimes in the middle of the hair. Please guide

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    Hi Aashi!! Glad that you love your curly hair!! 🙂

    Oh split ends..Hmm there can be various reasons for split ends:

    Dryness: This is one of the major reasons. Curly hair already being drier, tends to split more if not taken proper care.
    Using harsh shampoos: which in turn cause dryness
    Lack of proper moisturization
    Using Heat Tools
    Using Tight or frayed hair accessories (such ad rubber bands or booby pins with peeling paint or broken/sharp ends)

    So, I would suggest the below points to you:

    Get the split ends trimmed. Do not go for a full hair cut since you wna grow your hair. Just get the splits removed or get a good scissors and remove the split ends at home itself.
    Shift to a milder shampoo. List is here
    Do not skip conditioner (try to shift to silicone free conditioners)
    Deep condition your hair as much as possible (there are few posts for DIY deep conditioning on the blog). This step is a MUST!
    Check this latest tip: Here. It covered and moisturized her split ends and prevented them from occurring again too. Very easy way and a quick fix.
    Stop using heat tools on your hair
    Apply oil to the lengths of your hair atleast once a week.
    Stop using very tight or damaging hair accessories (all those pretty hair pins or tic-tacs that pull at your hair or those rubber bands that we usually use, throw them our and replace with fabric covered or softer bands.)
    Try and get hold of a Satin or Silk Pillowcase to sleep on. Since cotton or other materials tend to dry out our hair and increase the chances of splitting.

    That’s all I can think of right now. Start following these and you would surely see a change. Be consistent with the deep conditioning treatments. Even if you cannot find time to deep condition, try to leave the conditioner on your hair in the shower for as long as possible (not just for 2 minutes). Also, refresh your curls between washes to keep them moisturized.

    For tips to grow hair long, please check responses here

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