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    Hi Divya,

    I’m Anshul, a 17y/o transitioning curly girl. I abandoned silicones and sulphates a year ago. My hair is in transitioning stage. My hair is healthier and almost frizz free now. But I want my hair to be curlier. I clearly know that my hair is type 3a curls but its flat and isn’t fluffy. I want it to be more curlier, voluminous and fluffy. I have some straightish,weird pieces and some pretty curlier 3a curls. The longer hair are flat, wavish-curly.

    Would my hair be more curlier after the transition period?

    Also, what should I do to make my roots more curlier?(it has volume but isn’t curlier)

    Thanks 🙂

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    Oh, and I just forgot to write that I’m following the CG method from 2 weeks now. :p

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    Hey Anshul!

    Thanks for reaching out!! 🙂

    It is so great that your hair is healthier and frizz free now!!

    Hair does get more curlier once we get rid of the transitioning ends. Once you cross the transitioning period, your natural hair will take on its real pattern in a better way…As you already know that you have 3a curls and your longer hair looks flatter, then it is due to transitioning ends hanging around…and also may be length is weighing down your curls.

    to get rid of flatter ends, you should try plopping your wet hair. Ploppling your hair will help with enhancing your curl pattern. it also encourages curl formation at the roots and prevent flat ends.

    I haven’t written a post on plopping yet. But it is basically Putting your hair in a t-shirt and rolling it up.


    1. take a dry cotton t-shirt and spread it n a plain surface
    2. turn your head upside down and place the ends of your hair on the t shirt.
    3. move down till your hair touches the t shirt…your hair would be scrunched between the t-shirt and your head.
    4. roll the t-shirt around your heat and tie the ends or secure with hair clutch so that the t-shirt stays in place.
    5. turn upright and let your hair be in the plop for 15-20 minutes.
    your hair will sit on top of your head while in a plop…

    you can refer the attached pic to see how the tied up t shirt looks.
    I will upload a tutorial with pictures soon…

    Also once hair is dry, follow this up (as mentioned in this post) and it should give volume and fluffiness.

    Another thing you can do to get more curl pattern is to finger coil each curl. It is a time consuming step…but u can atleast pic the longer curls and roll them around your fingers…and even pin the coils for some 10minutes….enhances curl.

    Try plopping first…it should prevent the hair from being weight down and also help enhance the curl pattern 🙂

    Hope this helps!!

    Do lemme know if it helps…if not then can work out other ways to help you out!! 🙂

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    I tried plopping today and I must say it worked for me. The straighter pieces are curlier now but what made me smile was that my hair was more defined and tightly curled at the top. I wish I would cross the transitioning phase soon. I’ve tried plopping earlier but that was a fizzy mess because I didn’t followed the steps right. Thanks for helping me out. 😉

    Hehehe… You look funny in that pic. :p

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      Yaayyy!!!! That’s great!!! Happy that it worked for you!!! You are always welcome, dear!! 🙂

      and LOL…I knowwww… I look funny right?!! 😀 that’s why that plopping tutorial never made to the blog… hahaha…..

      Here..it is just for your reference!! *shhhh* :-p 😉

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