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    Hi Divya,
    You have a very informative blog here. Its been a good guide for my CG transition journey.I have been soaking up information from everywhere possible.

    I recently started this transition. I co wash my hair with the following product. Hello Hydration from Herbal Essence and deep condition with Loreal spa products. Just purchased the Enliven conditioner (raspberry) to try now. Post wash i plop my hair with a cotton tshirt and then style with either of the following – Loreal Spiral Splendour/Ogx Curl definition cream/Loreal Mythic Oil. I use a diffuser only for occasions. The curls look great. *love* Once a week i use the Hello Hydration Shampoo to clean my hair. followed by the conditioner. When i do use a shampoo, i find that my hair looks straighter *heartbroken*

    I recently had a hair trim with my regular stylist in layers and the hair has begun to look more wavy/straighter than ever before and that’s depressing 🙁 The above routine just doesn’t seem to work anymore. Please help!!!
    Just when i began to embrace my curls.. this happened. I want to go back to when it was working.

    Alyssa (2C-3A curl type)

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    First of all hello hydration shampoo and conditioner and the deep treatments you are using contains dimethicone which a non- water soluble silicone. It weighs hair down and make curls look wavish and straighter. Not only the silicone but your shampoo contains sulphates which are rather harsh on curly hair. Actually silicones aren’t a big problem but they coat hair and oils couldn’t be absorbed by hair thus making the hair drier. Also, only harsh sulphate shampoos can clear up silicone buildup.

    I suggest you to co-wash with enliven conditioners, it is silicone free and doesn’t weigh down hair and use silicone free deep treatments.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

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