A Tribute to Friendship! :)

On 8th of October, ZEE TV brings us a fun-filled chat show Vivo Smartphone presents Yaaron Ki Baraat co-powered by Amazon.in and Brooke Bond Red Label that will put celebrity friendships to test through a series of fun challenges and tasks. On ZEE TV at 8 PM on 8th October. The very first episode is going to feature Amitabh Bacchan and Shatrugan Sinha. I didn’t even know that they were friends!! And the show would be hosted by Sajit Khan and Ritesh  Deshmukh. How exciting!! I cannot wait to see the very first episode of “Yaaron I baraat’ with Amitabh Bacchan and Shatrugun Sinha sharing their friendship tale!!! Who else is excited??

For more information, head over to the below link : http://www.ozee.com/shows/yaaron-ki-baraat

As Shatrughan Sinha and Amitabh Bacchan share the stories of their friendship, Zee cinema gave us an opportunity to share our friendship stories. I have been feeling glad and awesome about it. I have very few friends with whom I am in touch and even fewer friends with whom I talk to on a regular basis. The few friends that I have are all very close and my besties in their own way.

But when I was asked to write about one friend and to make a gallery of photos to put up, I knew who I was gonna write about and that I was gonna post it here on Curlacious!

I have already introduced her in this post. Yes, Divya, she is that one person who makes sure to keep in touch with me irrespective of how anti-social I become! She calls me every week. She visits me every few months. She is my hubby’s fav friend of mine. She makes sure she is my kid’s fav aunt! She makes sure I see the GOT series and catch up on every episode or season that I missed and helps me stay updated! And this is just 0.1% of what she does.

Not only that….for Curlacious, she sends me videos and pics of her hair and products just to give me feedback. While visiting me she carries extra baggage just to bring me the freshest coconut oil and fresh aloe vera huuuuggggeee leaves for me to use the gel…Just coz I felt like using fresh stuff and coz she loved those too. Shares my crazy enthusiasm for hair care and makes sure I end up being doubly enthusiastic about the whole thing every time I ping/talk/chat/meet with her. I am serious about Curlacious coz she is one of those few friends who push me to keep going!

She is also that friend who keeps the “younger us” in us alive. The whole time we talk or meet, we giggle away like teenagers. We try new drinks, food outlets, face masks and hair masks just as we used to do 5 years ago. Rather even with more enthusiasm.

When I sit back and think about it…and wonder where did it all start…Well, it all started when I, along with my batch, got off at Trivandrum railway station. She was a guy batch mate’s friend. Had joined the trainee batch next to ours. She didn’t know anyone else so my friend asked us to keep her along while looking for PG. We hit it off from the very first meet itself and then there was no turning back. We became colleagues and roommates.  Day and night of fun filled memories streamed in. We had non-stop fun for about 2 years. We were equally crazy about everything!!

Then I got married and moved to Chennai. I lost touch with most my friends…(yeah I know..don’t judge! :-D) but she made sure she never lost touch with me. She used to come over now and then. When I was in family way, in the 2nd month I just couldn’t cook. My mom was in Delhi and was working so couldn’t come. The day I told her, she came over from Bangalore for the next 2 weeks and cooked for me, took care of me and gave super awesome company.  I was shocked..surprised..and very grateful. I hadn’t expected. That’s when I realised that the simple friendship that started with a ‘Hi’ on a railway station had blossomed into a beautiful sisterhood.  She again did the same when my baby was just a few months old and I was in a sleepless zombie phase. Not just this. She is always there at each and every turn of my life. All the ups and down. Best part is that I do not have to ask her for anything…she just instinctively does it.

She was even here this week too and we had a blast! She stayed a day extra just coz I wanted a haircut and needed her to come along and click pics and to make sure that the stylist didn’t cut too much!! 😛 We talked whole night and watched GOT in fast forward.How much ever time she spends with us never feels enough! 🙂

I can just go on and on and on of all the beautiful memories that we share. But enough of talking let me leave it to the photos and captions now. The pics will also be covering our hair journey over the years in an indirect way….she has awesomely loooooooooong hair that’s why its tied up in most pics. I wish I could post pics of her buns and hairstyles… umm..in another post may be!! 😉

From 2010 to 2016, just few pics don’t do justice to the feel of it all.

Over the years!!
Over the years!!


Reliving old memories and creating new ones!! Going back to where we started and exploring many new places… ( there are so many pics that I am unable to trace right now 🙁 )

Across various places that we explore!!
Across various places that we explore!!


Behind every straight faced photo..there are multiple crazy ones hidden!!! 😀

We were always crazy!!
We were always crazy!! (2011)


Never shy away from climbing those trees, standing on the rocks or falling into the high waves..just for the fun of it all!!

She: “I think I will climb this tree and pose…click good one, ok?….

Me: “Why don’t you hang on thaaaat branch? It will come awesome in pics”

She: “Oh yaaaaa…” *climbs and hangs*

Me: *Click Click Click* Little right…little left…see down naaa…. *Click Click*

She: “Arre hands are aching”

Me: “Okay Okay…Jump”……..Click click click… hey jumping one is nice yaaaaa….

She: “Wow awesome!!!” *Hi-fi*

Me & She: next time lets try this on that rock!! 

Posing away..weirder and crazier poses....
Posing away..these are the sober ones out of the weirder and crazier poses….back in 2011


We rarely react the same…But when we do…it is epic!! The below was one of those epic moments.. We asked a stranger to click our pics..the stranger was a young boy and we 3 couldn’t stop laughing!! 

Stranger: Where you want the pic?

Both (in chorus): Near Donkey!

Stranger: *Bursts into laugh*

*Couldn’t stop giggling for next 5 minutes!!* 😀

The Donkey Fans!! :-D
The Donkey Fans!! 😀


Last but not the least…we have the most different hair texture and pattern that two people could have. But we adore each other’s hair just as much as our own!! We share hair care tips. Hair styling tips. Above all we share the love for spreading hair care awareness!! 🙂

It is #HairLove that we share not  #HairEnvy. 

Our hair are..poles apart..but our love for natural hair and hair care is equally strong!! <3
Our hair are..poles apart..but our love for natural hair and hair care is equally strong!! <3

I am grateful to have her as a friend. It is a beautiful bond that just keeps getting stronger…:)

I am someone who values friendship a lot. and Div is someone who makes me value friendship much more! I like to listen or read real life stories of friends and also share mine. With each friend of mine I have a different but awesome story to share. I know this post is off the topic on my blog…but it is never the less close to my heart 🙂 Every one of us has those friends who we totally rely on. New or old. Lost touch or not. Cherish your friendship. Spread Love. and feel blessed to have those awesome ones in our life!! Family has its own place but there is none who can fill the place of a friend! Reach out to those you have lost touch with. Bring them back in your life. Hold tight to those who are with you. Friends are life! 🙂


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