Giovanni Natural Mousse Air Turbo Charged Hair Styling Foam – Review

For the longest period of time, we all would have heard that mousse are for curly hair. But tell me franklyy, how many of us curlies have actually tried a mousse? I did not even think of buying a mousse till I started Curlacious. Even after I got this mousse, I did not use it much. I mean, I did use it on and off but not well enough or say consciously enough to do a review.

However, yesterday, I washed my hair after a nice (excessive) oil treatment. Just when I was going to take bath, *bam* came a surprise guest and I hurriedly took bath in the washroom which I had not set up for my bath!!! 🙁  The shampoo in this bathroom had just few drops left which I was keeping to post a review. Long story short, I quickly washed hair with the ‘Ritha water’ that I had taken to experiment with. It was not enough to remove the oil from scalp….used few drops of the shampoo to remove oil from the lengths…skipped the gel and came out. By the time my hair started drying, I got invited by a friend which I could not skip. Now I had undefined and flat lengths with no definition and an oily scalp. My hair had almost dried so I did not want to wet it again and follow the whole drying process all over again(woes of low porosity hair)!!! 🙁 That is when I remembered this mousse holding a corner of my shelf for long. I was not sure, but I quickly took one big pump of the mousse (comes out as a foam) and applied it on my hair. Whoa!! *I need to review this on the blog*  That was what I thought!! hahahaha…. Lemme do an organized review now….


Price: Rs.595 for 250ml


Availability: Health & Glow Stores, Online shopping websites


Ingredients: Silicone-free. The ingredients are in the below pic:

Curlacious_Giovanni Turbocharge mousse ingredients
Giovanni Mousse – Ingredients


It comes in a tall cylindrical plastic bottle with a pump. The bottle is very sturdy and travel friendly. the cap closes tight over the pum and is firm. I love the transparent body which gives us an idea of how much is left. It is kind of a minimalistic packaging without any bling!

Giovanni Mousse


Consistency: Liquid in the bottle. Pumps out as a Foam (just as the name suggests). I will upload a pic of the consistency if you need.


How I use:

I take a pump full, rub the foam between my palms and then scrunch it on my damp hair. To cover my entire hair, I use approximately 5 full pumps. Then few half/quarter pumps to fix few fly away hair here and there.

Also, after 5-6 pumps, the mousse starts to feel sticky on hair and then on hands. So, better to work in sections and apply the mousse quickly by scrunching on various sections and covering all parts of the hair. After covering entire hair, can spot fix with half/quarter pumps.


My opinion:

I have always used it on damp hair. It gives a nice lift and volume to hair immediately. As I mentioned above, I had applied it on flat, slightly oily lengths and more oily scalp. Since I had hurriedly used a smooth cotton cloth to blot out excess water, made no effort to preserve the curls and sat in under heavy air, ran my fingers through my hair again and again to see if it had dried, my hair was frizzy and definition-less when I applied this mousse. In desperate situation where I could not rely on my hair gel, I resorted to trying out this mousse without much expectation. It gave an immediate lift to my hair. Hair looked more textured, voluminous and slightly defined. The definition was not like what hair gels provide, but mild hold with more textured and tousled look. It gives a more beach waves kind of look. What I felt was that this mousse is good when you are in a hurry, cannot apply gel but still need hold to the waves a little. This will not give the well-defined look that gels provide. So, the decision is yours – if you want volume and can have a little less defined hair, go for this. But if you need the super good frizz-free definition and can compromise on the volume then this this not for you. Personally, I felt that this is a quick-fix product for me. Which I am slowly learning to use at the right time. This is not a must-have product for everyone. But a good-to-have product for wavy haired girls. For me, this cannot replace my gels for daily use. I am not sure if this would work well with more curly hair or with very thick hair. Coz more the curls, more the hold that we need and this product is not meant to give hard hold. If you are a curly with 3a or above curls pattern and have used this mousse, please do mention your comments or feedback on the forum or in comments section below (I really wanna know!!)



  • Gives immediate volume
  • Gives tousled, beach waves look
  • Good for a quick-fix
  • Good to use when in hurry
  • Packaging is sturdy and travel friendly
  • Well suited for wavy hair


  • Not strong hold
  • Cannot replace my gels for daily use
  • Might not suit very curly hair requirements


Overall verdict:

A nice product to create voluminous, tousled, beach waves kind of look while compromising on the well-defined curls look. If you are a wavy, who likes to create volume over veryyyy defined, sleek hair, then this is for you. But if you always like to have those super defined frizz-free curly look, then you can skip this one. I like to have this in my emergency kit – for quick fixes and a pick-me-up kind of product where I don’t mind a little frizz and need to give lift to my flat hair. or when I decide to leave hair gel free and unmaintained but need to go out suddenly! If  you are a very curly haired person, this might not work for you. (If you are a curly and have used this, pleassssssse share your feedback in comments below!)

Orrrr if you are looking for a mousse in general, I would suggest you to grab this. Coz it does everything that we expect out of a mousse without containing any silicon or alcohol!!


What do you think of the Giovanni Natural Mousse Air Turbo Charged Hair Styling Foam?? Let us know in the comments below!! 🙂




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  1. Hello..I wanted to order this one seeing your review..But the cost is 2243 rs from Amazon..I just need one styling product silicone free..Kindly help me out if not this one..Have emailed u also my hair pics…Don’t want gel as the application is not easy and don’t like it’s look on hair..want something to add more volume and waviness..Please suggest me products..

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