Review: Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor (for curly wavy hair)

Giovanni hair reconstructor was one of the first few products that I used when I started following CG method.  It has been in my hair stash for a really long time. I am on my 2nd tube now, even though my 2nd tube went missing for a really long time, I am about to finish it!! 😆


Instructions and Ingredients:

It is silicone free and hence CG. No parabens, artificial color, mineral oil, no phthalates.

Top 5 Ingredients: Aqua (Purified Water), Cetyl Alcohol (Fatty alcohol – conditioning effect), Stearalkonium Chloride (Antistatic Agent), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Citric Acid (preservative) 6th ingredient  Phenoxyethanol (preservative)

Giovanni Reconstructor review_curlacious_curly wavy hair_india



It used to be easily available in Heath & Glow stores. Check out if you have them in your city. The stores are in Chennai, Mumbai Bangalore, Kochi etc.

It is available at Flipkart here:

Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor


Texture & Consistency:

It is a whitish translucent product with creamy consistency.

It squeezes out of the tube in a thin line kind of way.

Spreads very easily and a little goes a long way. The amount shown in below pic is enough to cover one section of my hair of I divide it in 3 sections on the whole.


Giovanni Reconstructor review_curlacious_curly wavy hair_consistency


This comes in a plastic translucent tube. Which needs to be inverted and squeezed hard for the product to be dispensed. The lid kind of breaks at joint if the tube falls down from say 2 feet height.  Both the tubes I had, broke in the same way.

I, almost always, drop my products…so all the products I review are tested for sturdiness.. *wink*


How I use this?

I apply Giovanni hair reconstructor on freshly shampooed wet hair. Just as I apply my deep conditioners. Then just keep it on for 15-20mins with or without plastic cap and with or without heat. It works well in all these ways.

Then I rinse it off and somethings apply a leave-in conditioner. Most of the times I just skip the conditioner and go to the styling product.


My Experience:

Giovanni Hair Reconstructor acts awesomely as a deep conditioning treatment. While rinsing it out,  I feel that this product coats my hair and my strands show added body.

This conditions hair very well and gives super soft bouncy and gorgeously moisturized hair. When I had just started transitioning, my hair needed a styling product followed by this and gave gorgeous results. I have been using it with multiple products and this works very well with all. Last wash, just to show you the effect,  I used this and skipped my styling product and I loved how my hair was super duper soft and moisturized.  Even on day 2 hair felt soft and beautiful.

The product claims to repair damage and infuse protein, but the ingredients list doesn’t really have proteins… all those “extracts” are really in very small quantity. Since I used this when I had fully damaged hair and also now when my natural healthy hair dominates my lengths, I did notice that this product gives that “coating” feel to the stands when it hair is more damaged. However, now my hair feels more moisture and soft and the feel of strands being coated is not as much. So this product seems to have the effect of filling damaged parts and give smooth soft look.

Gets a total thumbs up from me.



  • Mositurizes hair very well
  • Give smooth, soft, bouncy curls
  • Adds little volume
  • Spreads easily and little is enough


  • Tube’s lid breaks easily
  • Not really a ‘protein’ treatment as opposed to what is mentioned on the packaging
  • Availability in India


Overall Verdict:

Being a reconstructor, it does provide some smoothness, coating and volume. But overall it works as a perfect deep conditioner without giving any protein overload to hair.  I can define this as a DC rather than a protein treatment.

When I wanna achieve good results with any styling product or wanna see how a product behaves on well moisturized hair, I use this as a quick Deep Conditioner(DC).

I have already repurchased this and might buy again once I test all the other DCs I have.

I have been on the search to find this online at nominal rates…and found it on Flipkart…. for its original rate plus shipping.

Buy it here:

Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor


Below is the pic of my hair when I used this post shampoo on wet hair for 30 minutes, rinsed off, left very little of this itself in while rinsing and then plopped for 10 minutes and airdied.  NO styling product and NO conditioner.What do you think of the result? I really wish you could feel the softness of my hair. I hope you can sense it in the pic!!!

Giovanni Reconstructor review_curlacious_curly wavy hair__look


Have you tried this one yet? Share your results!!

3 thoughts on “Review: Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor (for curly wavy hair)

  1. So lovely, looks like your curls are getting tighter!! I haven’t tried this one, but I love the Giovanni 2 chic conditioner, it acts like a deep conditioner. I haven’t been seeing many of their products in the Bangalore H&G stores lately though 🙁 I really wish they would keep their stocks consistent.

  2. Beautiful curls! Do you use it every day or once a week or…? I just bought it and I have really week damaged hair. I hope this helps <3

    1. When I had damaged hair, I used it weekly once. Now that my hair is healthier, I use this less frequently… like once a month or so…

      if your hair is really damaged, you can even use this every wash day. 🙂

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