How to Care for Naturally Curly and Wavy Hair in India (Curly Girl Method in India)

Hope you have read the little intro of the Curly Girl Method Here.

If you tried to google CG to start on your own in India, you probably ended up finding very little information on it or ended up being disheartened.(I really hope you are not disheartened). Well, in any case don’t worry! Nowadays, it is more than easy to start following CG hair care routine in India than ever. There are so so sooo many products easily available in indian markets, especially now that the online shopping is at an all time high!

If you are wondering where to start with this method, read along to have an idea. Here I would mention the detailed steps with how you can follow the most apt curly hair routine in India to manage and maintain your curly or wavy hair awesomely.

If your current hair care routine resembles anything like what I have mentioned in this post then you should really consider revamping your routine and follow what I am about to share in this post.

Here is what you need to do step wise:

  • Use your sulfate containing shampoo one last time. If your Shampoo contains Sulfates, use it one last to clarify your hair and scalp from all the silicones or unnecessary product build-up. What shampoo to use? Just read the ingredient list. If it contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium laureth sulfate, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, you are good to go. From the next wash, you can replace your shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo.


  • Get hold of a silicone-free conditioner. Use it for Co-washing your hair. Use a 10rs coin size amount onto your finger tips. Spread it onto the finger pads of both hands. Start massaging at the temples in small circular motions. Take more conditioner on your finger tips/pads and slowly work your way through to the mid and then to back and end at the nape of the neck. Feel free to add more conditioner as and when required. Rinse off the conditioner thoroughly from the scalp and hair to remove the conditioner and the dirt. Note: Use small circular motion which must be firm yet not very hard. If your conditioner is thick, dilute it with water to get a runny consistency so that it is easy to spread on the scalp. Silicone free conditioners available in India: Enliven Natural Fruits Extract Conditioners (Rasberry & Red Apple, Kiwi & Fig, Coconut and Vanilla, Mango & Passion Fruit), L’oreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner Silk Protein, Revlon Flex Regular Protein Body Building ConditionersRevlon Flex Extra Body Protein Body Building Conditioners, Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume Conditioner, Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner, Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture (available at Health & Glow stores), The Body Shop Rainforest range conditioners(it has three: Moisture, Shine & Volume).

Here is a list of silicone-free conditioners

  • Apply the same conditioner from the mid shaft till the tips (like a usual conditioner). Detangle hair, using fingers, start detangling from the hair tips and work your way up till the roots. Be patient and gentle. If any knots, add more water and conditioner and softly detangle without being harsh. Hair must be detangled when hair is soaking wet with water plus conditioner. If not, the detangling will damage hair and cause more breakage. Once all strands are detangled, part your hair the way you want and comb through the hair using your fingers or a wide toothed comb. It will help close the hair cuticles. Here, I usually scrunch my hair towards the root just to enhance my hair’s curl pattern. Leave the conditioner on for 10-15 minutes or even longer. Curly hair needs loads of moisture in hair so leaving a conditioner on for a long time is needed for the conditioning effect to take place. While rinsing off, leave in some conditioner in the hair. It will help keeping our thirsty for moisture hair in retaining some moisture.


  • If hair feels dry to the touch. (how can wet hair feel dry huh? Lol) I mean if hair feels rough, add a little bit of the same conditioner as a leave-in and scrunch it onto the hair.


  • Ditch your usual towel and replace with a microfiber towel or an old cotton t-shirt. Tilt you head to a side and soak up the extra water by using a scrunching motion. Take a bunch of hair and place the tips onto the towel/t-shirt and crush it towards the scalp in a scrunching motion. i.e., the way you would crush a paper in your palms.  Scrunch random bunches of hair using the t-shirt so that the excess dripping water is soaked up. Do not over do this step as it might cause frizz. As soon as you see your curls starting to frizz, stop scrunching. This towel drying can be done either after applying styling gel or before depending on your preference.


  • While hair is still wet, take generous amount of silicone-free styling product (usually a gel) and spread all over the hair. Do not disrupt the curl pattern. Do not run fingers through the hair. Because touching your hair will separate the hair strands and cause frizz. Also will de-clump the curls which, believe me, you really don’t wanna do. Take the product in hand and rub between both palms and try smoothing on the product over the hair from the roots moving downwards till the end. Do this softly and try not to pull out the curls. Then scrunch hair towards the roots using palms. Do this until you cover all strands. Once all hair are covered with the gel, scrunch all hair to enhance the curls. Take a section of your hair placing the ends on your palm and scrunch it upwards towards the scalp. The motion resembles the action of crushing a paper in your palm. The gel forms a cast over the curls. The gel cast helps in retaining the curl pattern while the hair dries and keeps the curls from frizzing after drying.There are various ways of applying hair styling products. I will discuss those later on. Silicone-free Styling Gels in available in India: Giovanni LA Natural Styling Gel, Giovanni Natural Air Turbo Hair Mousse, Garnier Fructis Styling Gel All Day Hold. You can also use homemade Flaxseed Gel which is very effective, easy to prepare and cost-effective.


Here is a list of silicone-free hair styling products (gels/mousse) available in India

Learn how to make flaxseed gel at home

  • Wait for the hair to dry. Air dry your hair to get the best results. Blow drying with a round brush or comb is a complete No-No. In case you are impatient or your hair takes veryyy long to dry, you can use a blowdryer with a diffuser attachment once your hair is 70-80% dry. It also helps in enhancing the curls for wavy haired people.


  • Once hair is 100% dry or wait till your hair is 110% dry, you would need to do a final scrunching to shape your curls. On drying, your hair might have crunchy feel from the gel cast. Once completely dry, scrunch your hair one final time to relieve the gel cast and give your curls body and volume.


  • That’s it. Enjoy your beautiful curls.


Curlacious tips:

  1. If you cannot ditch your shampoo altogether, switch to a sulfate-free shampoo. That is what I do. I use sulfate free shampoo and cowash only intermittently. Also, if you have been using sulfate shampoos for long, I would suggest to switch to a sulfate-free shampoo first and then to contemplate if you want to go completely Shampoo-free. Here is a list of Sulfate-free shampoos available in India: I use Giovanni Roots 66 Max Volume Shampoo. There are two more  variants of Giovanni Shampoos which are sulfate free. There is a whole range of Khadi products which mention as “SLS and paraben free”
  2. Initially, your hair might need a very large amount of conditioner, which I promise will reduce with time and consistently moisturizing hair. At the end, all the conditioner that flows down your drain will feel so much worth it. 😀
  3. If you want to start co-washing on a budget, you should grab Enliven Conditioners. They are silicone free, very conditioning and more quantity for less price. However they contain Parabens. I don’t mind using parabens, if you do then you can look for L’oreal Smooth intense smoothing conditioner.
  4. Patience is the key. It takes time, patience and practice. I am still in the transition phase and I know how difficult it can be to wait for the result or to wait for the hair to dry. Being highly impatient myself and being mommy to a highly huggy-huggy toddler, I surely know what time and patience means.. hehe.. If I can try and do it, you can surely do it too. 🙂
  5. Last but not the least, welcome to the world or curls and waves. Hope you fall in love with your naturally curly or wavy hair.


Some Curl Inspirations are here to hop on to this journey!!!




If you have any doubts or queries, please feel free to ask me!! Be a part of this Curlacious and show some love & care to your hair!! 🙂 🙂

Also, feel free to leave a comment below, I try and reply every comment that we get…. 🙂

47 thoughts on “How to Care for Naturally Curly and Wavy Hair in India (Curly Girl Method in India)

  1. I am a man.I have extremely dry,damaged and curly hair.Please help me out with some tips to take care of my hair and also mention a good and affordable conditioner.Please, will be waiting for the answers.

    1. Hi,

      Curly haired men can also follow the same regimen of sulfate-free shampoo and silicone-free conditioners.

      As you have mentioned that your hair is dry and damaged, you should be washing your scalp with silicone-free conditioners. After rinsing it off you should also leave-in silicone-free conditioners to keep your hair moisturized. The Enliven Natural Fruit Extracts Conditioner Range is an affordable option. You can read the review here:

      Also, oil your hair once a week (at least) and leave overnight and wash next day. If you cannot leave it overnight, atleast leave it on for 30 mins before hair wash.

      You can also use a silicone-free gel to style your hair post wash. Set-wet cool hold, Set-Wet vertical hold and Garnier Fructis Style All day hold are few affordable options.

      You need tot be patient and consistent in following this regimen to see its effects. Hope this helps. 🙂

      Do give your feedback after you start on this new regimen.

  2. Hey Divya, I have recently embraced the CG method and your blog has been an amazing resource to find India specific products.
    I have a question on oiling. Is it recommended or necessary? One problem with oiling I’d face is that it’s difficult to get rid of the grease without using a shampoo.

    1. Hi Shama,

      Happy that my blog helped you out.. 🙂

      Oiling is highly recommended as it has many manyyy benefits…it stimulate hair growth, provides moisture, conditions, provides various nutrients etc. , etc.
      if your hair gets greasy if you co-wash after oiling, you can try using a sulfate-free shampoo after oiling.

      If you do not wanna use shampoo at all, try the below:

      1. Apply only the quantity of oil that is required. Do no apply in excess.
      2. Apply oil only to the scalp (that too mildly)

      even then if the oil is not washed off, then using sulfate-free shampoo is the alternative.

  3. Hi divya di….your blog is amazing….btw i use a sulfate free shampoo but it contains silicone… is it that bad for my curly hair??please reply

    1. Hi dear, Thank you!
      If your sulfate free conditioner has silicone, it might prevent hair from getting moisturised when you apply conditioner to it. And the shampoo won’t remove silicone too so it might cause build up too.

      What shampoo is it? Or may be share a pic of the ingredients list?

  4. Hi Divya,

    I was reading all your posts, its very nice that you are trying to share your knowledge and educating people which is the biggest draw back in India….i also need your help.

    my hair is dry, fizzy and having split ends…could you please suggest me the process to main better thick silky and shiny hair

    Which shampoo, conditioner and serum i need to use? do i need to shampoo daily?

    Also is Lotus products are good and free of these parabens? many people are giving good reviews but i am not sure…

    1. Hi Suresh,

      Thanks a lot!! 🙂

      For dryness and frizz you need to keep hair moisturised. Use any of the sulfate free shampoo listed on this blog and a silicone free conditioner from the other list. If you are shifting to sulfate-free shampoo, then I would suggest not to use serum since it is full of silicones.

      For spilt ends, you would need to get hair trimmed first and then keep them moisturised in daily basis.

      Silky shiny hair usually refer to straight hair….we should be looking for healthy and moisturised hair.

      Lotus products I haven’t used. As far as I know, those are not sulfate and silicone free.

  5. Hi Divya,
    Your blog is just what I was looking for. Thank you for taking time to write this.
    I have a question..How and when do we detangle hair during this care/wash procedure.

      1. Hello … Ive been trying to buy enliven conditioner.. from past two months..but the conditioner isn’t available nor in my citystores neither online..(Amazon flipkart…etc ..).. where else can I find it?

  6. Hey
    So i read a similar article like this and started using sulphate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner that is the body shop rainforest moisture.
    And everytime I used them my hair ended up being extremely frizzy and they lost their shine and bpunce was gone.
    I used it for 6-7 months. In the starting it was good but with time got my hair rough.
    These days I use tres semme but I want something which wont destroy my curls in the long run. Also i have coloured streaks
    Will you suggest me something good?

    1. Hey Bhavneet…. have you been deep conditioning your hair regularly? what other products did you use? what is the exact regimen that you follow right now?

      I will have to know all this to make a better suggestion… 🙂 which tressemme product are u using?

  7. Hii divya …ur blog z awesome …I hv been doing all wrong things to my hair since so many year…I hv very dry nd Frizzy hair ..I recently switch over to Giovanni smooth as silk shampoo Nd moisturiser …plz suggest some styling product …what extra product I require to decrease my frizz Nd dryness

  8. Hii…I have a dbt u dint mention anything regarding combing the hair after wash…wen should I do that and once they dry it ll be more difficult

    1. Hey Monika, another change in the curly hair routine is to ditch combing hair all together post wash. Hair will become frizzy and loose its definition if we comb r brush it when it is dry. So removing tangles and combing is done on very wet hair in shower along with conditioner and never on dry hair.

      Between washes, hair is refreshed (without combing)…i have mentioned ways for that here:

  9. Hey.. am swetha… ur blog is just awesome.. i gues this is the firt ever blog for curly girls out here in India.. good work….. i recently switched to CG method… I have a 2c curly hair… Iam using khadi sikakai and honey shampoo and enliven raspberey conditioner… ita been 2 and half months…But after i started using these iam havin a lot of hairfall… Is this coz of the shampoo?? Or anytging else?? Do u suggest any other shampoo??? But not too costly…. Thanks in advance… 🙂

  10. Hi.. I hve curly hair n love it .. 1 problem I face is dandruff coz of wic my dermatologist has prescribed a solution hence cannot use a shampoo or only co/wash. But I do use sulfate free conditioner. Is there anything else / special care I need to observe .

    1. Hi Priti,

      conditioners are usually sulfate free.. if you want, you can go for silicone free conditioner…a list is linked in this post….

      Also, you should do frequent deep conditioning treatments to keep hair moisturized and healthy. 🙂

      1. Hey.. am swetha… ur blog is just awesome.. i gues this is the firt ever blog for curly girls out here in India.. good work….. i recently switched to CG method… I have a 2c curly hair… Iam using khadi sikakai and honey shampoo and enliven raspberey conditioner… its been 2 and half months…But after i started using these iam havin a lot of hairfall… Is this coz of the shampoo?? Or anytging else?? Do u suggest any other shampoo???but not too costly.. I bought a new shampoo rustic art biodegradable aloe shampoo.. Thanks in advance… 🙂
        Pleasr reply

        1. Hey Swetha…thank you so much!! 🙂

          Regarding the increased hairfall, have you taken into account that we do not brush our hair withing washes, so the approx 50-100 strands that we lose daily(that is normal hair fall), are still hanging around and are removed all together in the shower? So if you go 3 days between hair wash, then there would be some 300 strands on the next wash day. Which otherwise we would have removed everyday while combing our hair, but in CG we get those altogether on day 3 (wash day) and feel as if hair fall has increased.

          so next time make a note if the amount of hair fall corresponds to the number of days between washes or if it seems way tooooo much compared to normal…..

          1. also, sometimes, some people experience increased hair fall when they try a new hair product and it usually settles after few washes…..

            and hey yaar.. I wanted a review on the Rustic Art Shampoo… will you be kind enough to share your feedback or review regarding this shampoo? Even a full blog post with pictures of the product and detailed review is most welcome!!! Mail me at curlaciousblog[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested, we can discuss further 🙂

          2. Thnq for the reply.. 🙂
            I just started using the rustic art shampoo.. will get back in a month regarding the of now it smells good.. and lathers good.. i diluted the shampoo in some water and then used.. thats all i can say.. 🙂

  11. Hey, actually I do have curly hair and I really don’t know what shampoo to use? And I want my hair to be long & full of volume. What is the procedure to get long hair?

  12. Hi, I have extremely frizzy prone to poof up in humid and go triangle Wavy hair (that makes my hair looks I suffered from a electric shock). I realized I cant pull of long hair and really want to get a choppy long bob (lob, if you may). I am not sure which one to get or how and what should I tell the hair stylists. Mostly should I get it? Also how to maintain it? (Too many questions I know). So please please help. 🙂

    1. Hi Shaoni…can you please share a photo of your hair? Going for a lob, I would say it should be a very well thought decision…Coz once you let go of your length,it is difficult to get it back. Have you started styling your hair curly (or wavy)? Coz the poof up and going triangle might be addressed via right products….

  13. Hi!
    My daughter aged 6 has ringlet like curls. I do all the above things… but post applying any gel n drying, her hair is hard like cardboard. I scrunch out the crunch but it becomes hard n doesn’t move or sway. Any solution for that?..please…
    Thanks & regards

    1. If even after SOTC it is not swaying then you would have to change to a milder hold gel or use lesser quantity of gel. Add a little more leave in to hair and decrease the gel even if that doesn’t work ..try changing the gel to a milder hold one. Just recently one of my readers faced same and changing to mild hold gel helped her. Or try flaxseed gel.

  14. Hi Divya,

    Great blog! Finally I found good tips for Indian curly hair. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here. So far I have just read your posts, and am planning to start the regimen from tomorrow.

    I have two queries and I would really be grateful if you can help.

    First, I have very dry, very frizzy, and very damaged curly hair (yup, I needed to write very thrice). When I do deep condition, my hair looks well for the day, but it’s all over the place the next morning. My hair is thick, has good volume, and is short, and so next day I have no option but to put it in pony tail, and that means ugly frizz. How can I avoid this?

    Second, I am going for a wedding in few days for more than a week, and so I am kind of desperate to have atleast manageable hair. Dont wanna do short pony tail with sarees (sigh). Is there any treatment you recommend, which doesn’t do any damage to hair?

    I would really appreciate getting a response from you.



    1. Hey Meenu, that’s great!! 🙂 And thank you!! Hope the posts help!!

      1. For better day 2 hair, you need to protect hair at night… please read these posts:
      I think using a satin bonnet will help…:
      or you can just tie a satin or silk cloth or scarf around your hair to preserve the curls at night.

      and in the morning try to refresh using one of these ways:

      2. I have long hair, but may be you can try one of the twist and pin or braid and pin the front. see here:
      or if you wanna let your hair free, then you should wash your hair in morning if event is at night and not break the gel cast till the event time… if event is in the morning then wash hair at night…apply all styling products at night and sleep on wet/damn hair let it fry overnight….fluff in morning and your hair will look good 🙂

        1. Hey Shoba, you can take pea amount of gel and rub it between palms….and then graze it over your hair to make the fly away hair kind of stick back to the rest of the hair.

  15. I have been using bblunt conditioner and leave in cream for a month now and both contain silicones. i want to switch back to silicone-free products. Earlier I used Matrix Biolage Smoothproof conditioner. I have slightly wavy hair and have a lot of new growth thanks to castor oil. Can you provide me tips as for hair care routine.

    P.S. Great curly hair blog btw

  16. Hai Divya,

    Your blog seems to be very understandable and simple for a person new to cg method.
    I have a few doubts I would like u to clear for me..
    1) is ok to use a rinse out conditioner as a leave in?
    2 shall I use Palmers hair silk for leave in?
    My hair is very dry due to coloring, what do u suggest to reenhance the texture?

    1. Hey Neet!!

      That’s great to know!! Thanks 🙂

      1) yes, it is totally fine to leave-in your rinse off conditioner. ( If it is silicone-free, then it is totally preferable to leave it in)
      2) I haven’t really used the palmer’s conditioner. If you can share the ingredients list, I can tell…if not please let me know the full name of the conditioner, I will find out the ingredients 🙂

      3) Deep conditioning is your best friend (also a regular and consistent routine).

      Please read through these –

  17. Hi,
    Hope you’re doing good I have a question, my hair is 3b fine hair i follow the cg method, and all the products i use is silicon free. My question or rather the confusion is my hair is very soft when i touch it but it looks very dry once its dried up is it that my hair needs a conditioning or moisturizing?

  18. Hi,
    Hope you’re doing good, i have got a question or rather a confusion i have 3b fine hair and follow the cg method, the products i use are all siliconn free. My hair when touched is super soft and it stays the same but when dried up it looks very dry, is it that it needs a mositurizing or conditioning or protein.
    Could you also suggest the remedies for the same.

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