4 Ways to preserve curls overnight?

Once you start with proper curly/wavy hair care, next you would want to know how preserve curls for day 2, 3 or more. Curly hair need not be washed everyday. It can be washed twice or thrice a week as per the hair’s condition. As it is suggested that we should not brush or comb our hair when it is dry, it is best to make sure that the curl pattern is not disturbed and that the frizz is at minimal.

To preserve curls overnight, the steps are simple however it just takes a little bit of effort to bring them into daily practice.

  • 1.  Tie your hair up. First and foremost, do not sleep with hair open or left free. Bending forward at the waist, bring all hair in the front and make a loose ponytail at the top of the head using a cloth covered hair band. Leave hair in the ponytail so that all the hair is gathered at the top of the head and is not crushed under your head while you toss and turn at night.

If your hair is short, the loose ponytail must be enough to hold hair at the top. However, if you have long hair, make a ponytail and pull the hair again through the band half way through so that all the hair is gathered into a half bun shape at top of the head.

  • 2.   Use a satin/silk pillowcase to sleep on. Cotton or any other fabric tends to tug at our strands and cause frizz by pulling out hair. Also it sucks out moisture from the hair and makes it dry and frizzy. In long term it damages hair too and increases hair fall.  Satin and Silk being smooth and non-absorbent, does not cause frizz and does not dry out hair.

If you are not able to find readymade satin/silk pillowcases, buy fabric and get it stitched by your local tailor. For immediate remedy, I dug up an old satin skirt and wrapped it around my pillow!! 😉

  • 3.   Satin Pillowcase can also be replaced by a satin scarf or satin cap which can be wrapped around the pineappled hair to preserve the curls and prevent frizz. This is also a very travel-friendly alternative

Where ever you go, take the satin/silk scarf or cap and you are all set for 2nd day curls.

  • 4.   Do not sleep on wet or damp hair as it will disrupt hair curl pattern and cause frizz. If there is a situation where you need to sleep with wet/damp hair, then tie it up or braid it out and cover with a satin cap or scarf.


If you follow these pointers, you will love the way your curls look the next morning. Refreshing curls also takes very less time. 🙂


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