Silicone-Free Hair Styling Products in India – Gels & Mousse

Silicone-free hair Styling Products in India

Following Curly Girl Method in India is difficult if you do not know of any silicone-free gels/mousse available in India. To make your life easy, here I am updating a list of silicone-free styling products available in India. Mainly hair gels and the only silicone-free mousse that I know of. The below list is of products that I have personally used or read the product Ingredients list myself. I will keep updating as and when I find more such silicone-free products. 🙂 Silicone-free hair styling products are not only for curly haired people. It is useful for anyone who uses gels/mousse to style their hair. It is always better to avoid ingredients that dry out your hair and harm them in the long run. If you use hair gels/mousse to style your hair, then read on. To know why you need to avoid silicone in your hair routine, read this post.  […]

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Learn Your Hair Porosity

Curlacious Hair Porosity

Hair porosity is one of the main properties of hair that you need to know about. If you have read my post on how to determine your hair type via the pattern that your tresses follow, then you might already know your hair type. Now it is time to learn about your hair’s porosity. Hair porosity is defined as the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Hair porosity plays a major role in making your hair frizz-free or frizz-full. It helps you determine your hair products and hair styling techniques. Porosity determines how well your tresses hold on to the moisture that you provide to them through conditioners, deep treatments, oils and any other product that you apply to your hair.   What determines Hair Porosity? The cuticles on the hair determine the hair’s porosity. The hair is made up of three layers: Outer most Layer is Cuticle, followed by cortex and the central Medulla. Medulla […]

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Naturally Curly Indian Celebrities

Indian Curly Hair

More and More Indians have started embracing their Naturally Curly and Wavy hair. It is a trend that  any latest trend is propagated by our bollywood beauties…And now the trend is to flaunt their natural hair wherever they can!! 🙂 I have come across so many posts which is a compilation of naturally curly haired Hollywood beauties. It is so nice to see those compilations, however it is more interesting to see Indian beauties rock their natural curls. I am posting the top 4 naturally curly haired Indian Beauties in this post. I love the way these beauties flaunt their natural hair onto various platforms. Flaunting their natural hair even in the movies is the latest trend and I loved it. Here I have uploaded pics where their hair looks natural and relate-able. It should give us a boost in loving and flaunting our natural hair! 🙂   Kangna Ranaut  She is gorgeous […]

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Happy Diwali!!

Diwali Curly hair

Hello Lovely People!! A very Happy Diwali to you all!!! Hope you all are enjoying this festive season..Have a fabulous and safe Diwali…Have loads of fun. If you are a curly or wavy, please resist the urge to straighten your hair and rock those natural curls!! Stay Curly!! Stay Happy!!    Much Love, Divya   Image Source: 1  

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