New Year Resolutions of a Naturally Curly/Wavy Indian Girl! :)

Indian Naturally Wavy/Curly Hair Girl

Hello Lovely people,   So, here we are at the last day of this year 2015. Each one of us has really come a long way in our own way. And now is the time to celebrate all the success and learning that we have gained throughout this year. I really hope and wish that all of you had a fabulous year to look back at. I sincerely wish you all an ultra fab year ahead. 🙂   A very happy new year to all of you!! 🙂   Frankly, I never make a resolution. First of all, I never find anything to put on the list and second, I know that I won’t be able to keep up if I make a resolution for the sake of it!! 😀 Still I make a list and on this very date, every year, we toast to all those resolutions that were […]

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Everyday Hairstyles for Indian Naturally Curly or Wavy Hair

Curlacious_Indian curly hairstyle Two Strand Twists

I have tried to put up few pics as reference for daily hairstyles for naturally curly or wavy hair. And have done another a little more detailed post here for quick hairstyles. Curly and wavy hair looks fabulous even when it is left open without any ties. Similarly, just picking up one curl and pinning it up makes hair look gorgeous and makes “hairstyle” look good.   Here are few simple ways to style your hair for a everyday purpose. Just a simple half-up – half-down  hairstyle can make hair look gorgeous.   Rolling your bangs or a bunch of front curls and pinning them on one-side makes a good hairstyle for daily wear. It also keeps the hair from falling on your face and eyes which can be annoying to many. At the same time, hair looks beautiful by enhancing the curls. This is me and my 2nd day […]

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3 Additional Ways to Use Your Silicone-free Conditioner

Silicone free hair products in India

A silicone-free conditioner is a curly and wavy girl’s best friend. 🙂 If you are new in following the curly hair regimen as suggested in this post: How to care for curly or wavy hair in India, then you might find this post useful. If you are a curly or wavy haired person who is struggling to keep your hair tamed and frizz-free and just don’t know what to do with your hair to make them look presentable, then you should probably start reading here: Know your hair wash routine. Well, now, assuming that you know how incredibly important a silicone-free conditioner is for our curly/wavy aka gorgeous hair, let me point out the three other ways that the very same silicone-free conditioner that we use in shower can be used effectively.   Leave-in Conditioner: If you haven’t figured it out yet and were in a look-out for silicone-free readymade leave-in […]

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Hair Density and Width & it’s Effect on Hair Care

Indian Wavy Curly hair_density_Messy bun

To the topic of “Hair Basics”, I am adding these two aspects. Just like Hair Porosity and Curl Pattern, Hair Width and Density are important too. Knowing more about your hair helps in maintaining, managing and styling our hair properly. It also helps us in making sound decisions while buying products for our hair care or styling. Let’s start with Hair Density: What is Hair Density? Hair Density is basically the number of hair strands that grace our head. Hair density is determined by the number of hair strands per square inches area of our scalp. How to determine Hair Density? Since counting strands manually is not physically possible for us, there is an alternate and easier method to determine Hair Density. After shower, let it dry naturally. Once hair is completely dry, stand in front of mirror and look at your scalp from various angles. Only try and see […]

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DIY Hair Protein Treatment & Deep Conditioning Mask – Avocado + Oil

DIY Avocado Deep Conditioning Treatment India

Protein treatments for the Hair must be an essential part of your hair care routine. Not only for wavy and curly hair but also for straight hair. If you wanna start with why you need protein treatment for your hair, then you should read this post first. Now protein treatments are mostly not veg ingredients….So this one that I am mentioning is  not a very strong protein treatment but useful for vegetarians.Plus has good moisturizing effects and hence doubles up as a protein plus deep conditioning treaetment!! Andddd…..The super good protein-packed veg ingredient is……Avocado!!!! Avodcado or Butterfruit is a power packed ingredient for our hair protein treatment. It contains 18 amino acids and Omega-3 fatty acids. It is also choke full of proteins and minerals. You can read about its nutrient content here:  All of these are super good for our hair and helps to combat hair damage and strengthens our hair […]

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