Few Tips for Your Mane This Holi!!

Holi is round the corner and we all are super excited!! Here in Chennai, holi is not played as..umm..intensively (that’s the word!)..as it is in Delhi.. I remember my childhood…Holi was probably one of the most fun festivals to celebrate!! Water balloons…Gulaal…colours…buckets and buckets of water being splashed around… oh! those awesome gujiyasssss…….i miss all that!! 😀   Anyway, with the holi colours comes the pain of removing those colours off and the fear of sensitive skin and hair being affected!!   If you are one of those lucky ones who are having plans to play holi the real way (and not just while away time in front of the TV!) then be sure of following the below tips to keep your mane sane!! 😉 Here are few time tested tips that always do the trick: Before: Apply oil (coconut oil, olive oil or any oil that you usually use!) […]

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DIY Hair Protein Treatment: Gelatin Hair Mask

Our hair are made up of proteins and with daily wear and tear, our hair strands tend to lose its strength and get damaged. Applying heat or chemical treatments damage our hair more and weaken the strands. Heat and chemicals are not the only culprits in causing damage to our strands. On a daily basis our hair are exposed to pollution, sunlight, dirt and many other environmental causes that damage our hair. The damage caused by environmental causes might not be as severe as in case of heat or chemical treatment, but damage due to both reasons must be replenished by applying protein treatments on our hair. When we apply protein treatment to our hair, the strands soak up the proteins from the mask/treatments. The protein helps in strengthening the hair and helping in repairing the hair damage by filling up the damaged regions if the strands. It also reduced […]

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Curly Girl Method India – Before & After Pics & thoughts!

Curly Girl Method hair_CG before after hair_Pic_Indian Naturally Curly Wavy_

Hello curlies and Wavies !!   If you have been reading a lot about curly girl method and are really not sure if you should go for it or not. Orrr……Just in case you needed a boost or encouragement to make you try or keep sticking to this new found method to take care of your super frizzy, dry, untamed curly or wavy hair, then here you go…. hope this comparison pic of my hair gives you a positive vibe to get down there and try this special method for our curly or wavy hair and make our hair look super gorgeous. If you ever thought that following a silicone-free and sulfate-free hair care regimen in India (especially for curly/wavy hair) is impossible then it is time you open up your eyes (or my blog!!) and learn that it is not so anymore. Also, I am here to help you out.    […]

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