Tips to Avoid Bad Curly/Wavy Haircut!


“I cannot find a curly hair expert!! Neither are there hair stylists who cut hair dry!!” This is the concern of most curly haired people who want to have a haircut that they do not regret! Nowadays, when we search on the internet for idea or tips for curly hair cuts, almost everywhere we read to get hair cut when it is dry!! Frankly, who does that? I mean in India!! Have you ever come across a hair stylist who cuts dry hair in India? No! I haven’t. Also, how many hair salons have curly hair expert? Well I know Bblunt salons have curly hair experts now! Thank goodness. But they do not have branches in all cities 🙁 So in your area have you ever come across someone claiming to be a curly hair expert? No, right?! So most of us end up getting haircuts from stylists who know […]

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Basics: How to “Detangle” Curly Hair


In continuation to the series of Curly and Wavy hair term basics mentioned in this post: here, I am explaining another term in this post. 🙂 “Detangle” is probably not a new word for you. But when we bring ‘detangle’ and ‘curly hair’ together, the word ‘detangle’ get a whole new dimension!! 😉 Detangling is the only time that you would ever need a comb in your curly hair care routine. (“What!! Really??Why?!”..if this is what you reacted, then you should first read this post: Here). So what is the big deal with detangling curly hair? Let’s Jump straight to the answer!!   What is “detangle”? Detangle means to remove tangles & knots from hair. Well this applies to all hair types: straight, wavy or curly.   How do we detangle curly hair? Finger detangling is the best way to detangle curly hair. This can be followed up by a wide […]

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How to Refresh Day 2 Curly or Wavy Hair!

How to Refresh Second Day Curly Wavy hair India

Once we start following the Curly/Wavy hair care routine, we by default fall in love with our curls…. The curl pattern…the lesser frizz…the gorgeous look….the feeling of liberation………wowwww….. after seeing our Day one hair, you feel so encouraged and fabulous….and you go to bed feeling happyyyyyy… On Day 2… You wake up with frizzy, not-so-defined-curls, and above all, you cannot comb cannot straighten it now and you have no idea how to fix it…  That’s when you realise….That Curlacious female(aka me!) *Grrrr* left me hanging…without giving the slightest hint of how to tackle day 2 hair!!!!…….. hahaha… I feel you, gal, I feel you!!! And I am so sorry for not having done a proper post on refreshing curls earlier than this!! Yes, Second Day curly or wavy hair can be very tricky, challenging and discouraging. I myself face issues with day 2 (3 or even 4) hair!! The super gorgeous first […]

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Basics: How to “Scrunch” hair?


Hello Lovely Curlies  & Wavies!! Know? Whenever I start reading a Classic English Literature novel, it starts by sounding ‘Alien’. It takes little time to get the flow of the novel and the way it is written. There are certain words that are used which are not in common use now. After reading on, based on the context or frequent usage, the word makes sense. (Well, sometimes, I even call my parents (both of whom are English Majors) for confirmation of what I think is what it really is!! :-p) Well, similarly, when we read about curly and wavy hair routines, there are many words that sound alien to us!! 🙁 Like, scrunch, plop, porosity, pineapple (the fruit?! Hell nooo!! hehehe)… So I thought why not do few posts to explain what is what in general.  May be you know these already…or you don’t! For beginners, this will give a general idea […]

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DIY: Deep Conditioning Hair Pack – Go Bananas!!!


Are you feeling the need to deep condition your hair and are confused regarding what to use? Well, I was also at that point where I didn’t know what to use in my Deep Conditioning Hair Packs. Now I mix various ingredients from my kitchen plus few oils/essential oils and I am good to go. You can follow the same. In case you are still not sure regarding what to add and how much, you can follow these simple DIYs: Here, Here and Here. And I am going to mention another quickie below. Make sure you read through till the end..the Notes especially. Here is another quick DIY hair mask recipe to make your hair lustrous, shiny, moisturized and soft!!   Ingredients: Banana – 1 Curd – 1 Cup Oil – 1 teaspoon (Add more if you have High Porosity Hair) Essential Oil (optional) – Few drops I used sweet almond […]

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