Giovanni Natural Mousse Air Turbo Charged Hair Styling Foam – Review


For the longest period of time, we all would have heard that mousse are for curly hair. But tell me franklyy, how many of us curlies have actually tried a mousse? I did not even think of buying a mousse till I started Curlacious. Even after I got this mousse, I did not use it much. I mean, I did use it on and off but not well enough or say consciously enough to do a review. However, yesterday, I washed my hair after a nice (excessive) oil treatment. Just when I was going to take bath, *bam* came a surprise guest and I hurriedly took bath in the washroom which I had not set up for my bath!!! ūüôĀ ¬†The shampoo in this bathroom¬†had just few drops left which I was keeping to post a review. Long story short, I quickly washed hair with the ‘Ritha water’ that I […]

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A Quick Tip for Shiny Hair by a Guest Blogger + Introduction!

Curlacious_Thick and way hair_Long_Curly Hair India

If you find yourself coming back again and again to Curlacious, then the love for curly and wavy hair is something that you and I (and many others)share!¬†For those of you who are curly and even wavies who lean towards little¬†curly¬†hair might find most of my posts very much relatable! But then there are those who have straight to wavy¬†hair and are facing dryness and frizz and dunno what to do about it. Or if you are a struggling Type 1c or seeking information on how to take care of your hair and are having zillions of hair queries like – what kind of products to use, is sulfate-free or silicone-free for me, etc. etc. I have a happy news for you beauties!! I¬†got hold of an old¬†friend who is very much into hair care. So, without any delay, let me introduce her…. Without any delay, let me first introduce […]

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Offbeat Indian Celebrities with Naturally Curly/Wavy Hair!


Sorry I have been MIA!! But after a gap of few days, I am back with a compilation of few curly hair celebs who are awesome in their corresponding fields and love to flaunt their gorgeous curly hair!! I felt so inspired and happy to see their gorgeous hair and the fact that they style it curly…hope it inspires you too to embrace your naturally curly or wavy hair for flaunting that gorgeousness in YOU!! ūüôā   Neha Kakkar: Recently,¬†I have been dancing around to the song “Kar Gayi Chul”…It has such nice beats, awesome energy and the voice…oye hoye!! So while searching for the video on Youtube, I came across Neha Kakkar’s Youtube Channel…(Mannn…. she is awesome!!) Then is ¬†when I realised that most of my fav fast paced songs are sung by her!! How on earth did I not know the singer of all those songs!!! Sheesh!! Once […]

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