Basics: What is “Cowashing”?

Curlacious_Cowashing India_Curly Wavy hair

I just recently realized that I had not written a post specifically for “cowashing”. Well, I do explain it in this post on “How to care for naturally curly/wavy hair in India“. But, then this topic of Cowashing is something that needs its own post and I am rather late in writing it up. 🙂   What is Cowashing? Conditioner-only washing. Yes! it is as simple as that! Cowashing refers to a method of using conditioner instead of shampoo to wash our hair. We totally skip the shampoo in our hair was regimen and replace it with a silicone-free conditioner.   How to cowash? The only thing you need for cowashing is a Silicone free conditioner. Get your hands on a good silicone-free conditioner and you are good to go. The steps to follow for cowash as just like shampooing. You can read a step-wise post here: How to shampoo. […]

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How to Put up Curly or Wavy Hair at Night – Long, Medium & Short Hair!!

  This is probably another most asked question: “My hair gets so tangled and frizzy when I sleep. How to prevent it from frizz?”…….”My day 2 curls get all ruffles…what to do?”…..”How do you put up your hair at night?”……”How to preserve curly or wavy hair at night?”……”How to have maintain my hair for day 2..3.. or 4?”\   I have already written a post on 4 ways to preserve curls overnight. But it has the general points to follow. Still friends ask me how exactly I put my hair. I also understand that it is difficult to understand on reading..sometimes, pictures talk better than words. I am sharing photos so that you can see ways to tie your hair up so that your curly or wavy hair would stay intact, or say, less frizzy the next day.   So, here you go…..   1. Free Hair, Pulled up: The simplest way is […]

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Detailed Index – Link to all posts!

Hellooo…. So, wanna make your hair as gorgeous as it gets? Let’s start!! If you are completely new to Curly Hair Care methods, then you should get to know the effect of your current  hair care routine. If you are convinced to start on the sulfate-silicone free regimen, then hop on to this post on how to care for your curly/wavy hair in India and get started. You can also follow me on Facebook & Instagram The above 2 links were just a basic over view….Post on post I have covered various other doubts and points involved in creating a hair care regimen….Below, I am linking posts based on their categories…. There are still many more to make to this list…and manyyyy more that are yet to make to my blog!! Will be updating this page and Curlacious both on an ongoing basis!! For any feedback, comment, query, review or help, feel free to join […]

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DIY Mild Shampoo with Ritha, Shikakai and Flaxseed Gel – RiShiFlax Liquid Soap!

Curlacious_DIY natural shampoo India

  More often than not, I have wondered about going all natural on my hair care. Like ditch the shampoo all together (Well of course won’t ditch the conditioner ;))…and use natural ingredients to whip up a natural shampoo and use only that!! I remember mom making Reetha and Shikakai shampoo at home when I was a kid. It included a loooong process…. soaking at night…boiling in morning…straining….waiting for it to cool. Uff!! Frankly, I might end up going back to my good old sulfate-free shampoo. (Still I have this on my “to-try” list) Well, if you are like me and are looking for a quick fix alternative, then here is a superb post by Sunitha!! Hope it helps all you natural hair care enthusiasts!! 🙂   Guest Post by Sunitha of My Mom My Passion When I was kid, it was a weekly ritual to make ritha shampoo on […]

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